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The death toll from Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival has now gone up from eight to ten over the weekend. The victims, a 22-year-old Texas A&M senior and a 9-year-old boy, were both fighting for their lives from severe injuries they sustained during the crowd surge that took place the first night of the festival. Bharti Shahani, the ninth death from the festival, passed away Wednesday, November 10, according to the family’s lawyer. According to the Blount family lawyer, Ezra had been in a medically induced coma in attempt to overcome brain, liver, and kidney damage when he lost his battle on Sunday, November 14.

Crushed, Trampled, and Struggled to Breathe

Authorities have opened up a criminal investigation, but have yet to assign any fault. While investigators explore what took place that Friday night, police radio traffic has revealed just how quickly law enforcement became aware of the danger taking place only moments after Travis Scott took the stage.

The show has left hundreds of fans injured as a mass of bodies compressed toward the stage. Nearly a week later now, two more have passed away from critical condition.

According to PBS News Hour, Houston Police Chief Tony Finner explained that police told organizers to shut down the event after fans began receiving CPR. At 10:03 p.m., authorities gave word that the concert was in the process of shutting down; however, witnesses say both Travis Scott and Drake kept performing.

Finger Pointing

Police Chief Finner refused to provide timelines of what transpired during the show, saying the case was still under investigation. Finner mentioned more than 500 officers were working the function, but did not have a clear record of how many private security guards were working the show. Furthermore, Finner mentioned Live Nation Entertainment was to secure the two mosh pits in front of the stage.

Scott’s attorneys have come forth and stated only the festival director and executive producers have the authority to stop a show – apparently neither of which is part of Travis Scott’s Astroworld crew.

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