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Back To School Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school season is in full swing. As parents are focusing on gathering school supplies and planning morning routines, it’s important not to forget that more children are hit by cars near schools than any other location.

The car crash litigation experts at Reyes Browne Reilley have gathered a list of ways parents can protect their children from bus accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents during the school months. As drivers, it is our responsibility to watch out for all pedestrians, especially children.

Back to School Bus Safety

Although accidents on school buses are relatively rare, children have an increased risk of injury when they must cross in front of the school bus.

Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law, which is to stop when the bus signals them to do so. To protect your children, teach them to only cross in front of the bus when absolutely necessary. Children should walk at least ten steps in front of the bus – or only when they can clearly see the bus driver behind the wheel.

Make sure your children know to never pass behind the bus.

School Zone Safety Tips

The start of the school year also means an increase in early morning traffic for those headed off to work each day. If your daily commute crosses through a school zone, make sure to follow the directions indicated on the sign.

Slow down. Speed limits in school zones can dip to as low as 10 mph (5 mph in parking lots). Keep your eye on the overall situation, not just the road. Take note of children near the road, as they could suddenly dart out in front of your vehicle.

Back to School Bicycle Safety

Children who ride a bike to school should never do so without a helmet. Plan a route home for your children that avoids crossing intersections as much as possible. Encourage your kids to always take this same route home every time.

It is never a bad idea for parents to refresh their children on basic bicycle safety, such as wearing their helmet, stopping at stop signs, riding with the flow of traffic instead of against it, and riding in a bike lane when available.

Back to School Pedestrian Safety

Although walking is a wonderful way to ensure your child receives exercise during the day, it can be extremely dangerous for young children to walk to school alone. Small children should always be accompanied by an adult on their way to school.

Older children should consistently travel the same route and should avoid intersections as much as possible. It would also be beneficial to refresh your child on the importance of staying alert as a pedestrian, such as not using their cell phone while walking.

Back to School Teenager Driving Safety

Teen drivers have an overall higher rate of experiencing an accident. To help minimize this risk, parents are encouraged to exemplify and reinforce safe driving behaviors.

For example: never use a cell phone behind the wheel, follow all traffic signals, and keep a close eye out for buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians while on the way to school. Parents can increase their awareness of their child’s driving behavior with a phone app or a device that plugs into the teen’s vehicle.

Have a safe start to the school year! 

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