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scales-of-justice-balance-transvaginal-mesh-case-300x300A Dallas jury has awarded in excess of $73 million to Martha Salazar for her lawsuit against Boston Scientific for her transvaginal mesh implant. The Dallas jury heard testimonies from Martha Salazar and representatives for Boston Scientific before reaching their decision in favor of Salazar.

Salazar alleged that her operation, which took place on January 17, 2011, was performed by Dr. Jorge Lopez to solve incontinence and instead caused worse medical problems. Medical problems caused by Salazar’s implant include dyspareunia, pain and irreversible nerve damage to femoral and obturator nerve. Some damage caused her to walk with a limp, has gone through numerous surgeries to repair the damage and faces many more.

Among Salazar’s claims are that she was inadequately warned of the dangers of the procedure, as well as belief that Boston Scientific did not properly test the product used in her surgery on humans. She claimed that Boston Scientific withheld information regarding clinical trials, including the lack of study regarding the obturator approach during implant.

The verdict reached by Salazar’s case proves that when medical companies try to take advantage of patients, they will be met with a strict verdict. If you are facing a lawsuit regarding transvaginal mesh surgery or placement, we can help you find the right outcome to your case.

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