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Sarah Beam, a teacher for Cy-Fair Independent School District, is facing felony charges for child endangerment after she was caught with her son in the trunk of her vehicle. The 41-year-old teacher and mother allegedly made her son get in the trunk of her car after he tested positive for COVID-19. A criminal complaint was made as Beam was driving her son through a testing site at Pridgeon Stadium on Monday, January 3. Documents state Beam kept him in there to prevent being exposed to COVID-19 while driving him to get additional testing. When a state health care worker asked to see her son, she found him lying down in the trunk and refused to test him until he moved to the backseat of the vehicle.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Since then, the judge reviewing Sarah Beam’s case of child endangerment declined to find probable cause that her 13-year-old son was in imminent danger. However, according to ABC13, the case has not officially been dismissed. The court left the door open for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to see if there are any other circumstances to charge Beam. Beam has been on administrative leave since the incident took place.

Trunk Entrapment

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration goes over several topics to keep your children safe in and around the car, one of them being trunk entrapment.

All too often, children choose to explore the trunk when the opportunity presents itself. Fortunately, since September 1, 2001, automobile manufacturers equip all new vehicle trunks with a “glow in the dark” trunk release feature. Make sure you show your children where it is and how to use it in case of an emergency.

There’s a time and place for everything. Use these prevention tips when educating your children on car safety etiquette:

  • Teach children that vehicle trunks are for cargo, not for playing.
  • Check the trunk right away if your child is missing.
  • Lock your car doors and trunk and be sure keys and remote entry devices are out of sight and reach of your kids.
  • Keep the rear fold-down seats closed/locked to keep your children from climbing into the trunk from inside your car.

What you need to know, pronto

  • Many factors can contribute to trunk entrapment injury or death. Always supervise your child and never leave him or her alone in or around a vehicle for any reason.
  • Younger children are more sensitive to heat than older children and adults, and are at greater risk for heatstroke.
  • High temperature, humidity, and poor ventilation create an extremely dangerous environment in a vehicle trunk.
  • Check the trunk right away if your child is missing.
  • Trunk entrapment has similar risks to heatstroke: Even in cooler temperatures, your vehicle can heat up to dangerous temperatures very quickly. An outside temperature in the mid-60s can cause a vehicle’s inside temperature to rise above 110 degrees fahrenheit. The inside temperature of your car can rise about 20 degrees fahrenheit within the first 10 minutes.

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