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Ever since the winter apocalypse that took place in February of 2021, the Lone Star State’s electrical grid’s reliability has been in question. State legislatures spent the year examining and debating the best route to improve the independent electrical grid. But, according to The Dallas Morning News, if the U.S. wants to meet its goal for electric vehicle adoption, Texans will need to purchase millions of battery-powered cars over the next eight years. In this reality, the state would need to produce thirty percent more electricity per year.

Infastructure Upgrade

The state faces many challenges when it comes to developing the infrastructure needed to sustain an electric vehicle boom. Some of these challenges are questions like where to put EV charging stations. The DFW Clean Cities coordinator at North Central Texas Council for Governments, Lori Clark, addresses the important question of where can we make sure these charging stations don’t overload electrical grids. Thankfully, Clark notes that many EV’s have a built-in feature that allows the user to delay charging until a scheduled time.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, eighty percent of all vehicle charging happens at home. The time of day will have the biggest impact on the grid, according to 2020 research from Pew.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

According to Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance executive director Tom “Smitty” Smith, power grid reliability has the potential to be a problem unless we think about how to look at electric vehicles as assets. Smith explains electric vehicles are basically batteries on wheels and anticipates a system where a network of EV batteries plugged into home connections may allow stored power in the EV to be pulled back into the grid.

Smith notes this would accommodate peak usage times in a way that ratepayers could see net benefits by using the electric grid more efficiently.

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