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06112014Car accidents don’t just occur on the road, they can also occur on sidewalks, in parking lots, and even in buildings. On the morning of June 10, customers in a Houston Panera Bread were shocked when a truck suddenly crashed into the restaurant.

A worker who was bussing a table was injured in the crash and the driver of the truck, a 64-year old female who has not been named, was taken to the hospital. She was driving a silver Suzuki Equator when she reportedly crashed into the front entrance of the Panera Bread in the 3100 block of College Park Drive near FM 242 and Interstate 45.

Witnesses say the worker was pinned between the vehicle and the building, suffering two broken legs. EMT personnel stated that his injuries are non-life threatening. Reports indicate the driver is being evaluated to determine if a medical problem caused the elderly driver to accidentally hit the gas when she was trying to park at the restaurant.

Most car accidents are just that – accidents. But even so, victims of another driver’s carelessness have the right to seek compensation for their injuries. This could be considered a pedestrian accident, even though the victim was working at a restaurant at the time and was not a traditional pedestrian crossing the street or on the side of a road. This incident is an example that drivers must remain focused at all times when their vehicle is in operation, even at low rates of speed or while parking.

Image courtesy KHOU

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