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In The News

A four-vehicle collision took place in West Los Angeles on Friday, January 21 around 4:35 p.m that has left one woman injured. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) notes the incident involved four cars, one of which happened to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tank of an SUV. According to Vanity Fair, it is unknown whether Schwarzenegger was the motorist or the passenger; fortunately, the Terminator actor did not sustain any injuries. Nonetheless, LA Fire Department paramedics responded and transported the injured woman to a local hospital with an abrasion on her head. No drugs or alcohol are factors in the collision.

More than Two Vehicles

Very similarly to Los Angeles, the traffic throughout Texas can often cause the roadways to be a dangerous place if you’re not too careful. Even the most cautious drivers can find themselves caught up in multiple-vehicle collisions. These types of crashes happen when the first vehicle stops suddenly or attempts to compensate for an error. Then, a chain reaction of other vehicles colliding follows. Multiple-car accidents can cause extreme injury, trauma, property damage, and financial stress.

The Domino Effect

A chain reaction of crashes may occur when one car rear-ends another car in front of it, thus triggering a series of collisions. The accident involves a string of three or more vehicles – getting hit like dominos. Chain reaction accidents occur daily on Texas roadways mainly due to the heavy flow of traffic, as well as driver inattention at traffic stops.

Common Causes

Statistics show that there are five main common denominators in multiple-vehicle collisions. Get familiar with the common characteristics people have experienced so that you can avoid falling victim in these specific circumstances:

  1. Sudden stops or slowdowns
    • An unexpected or immediate stop on a freeway has the potential to cause rear-end pile ups.
  2. Hazards on the road
  3. Poor weather conditions
    • Rain, fog, sleet, and snow may lead to visibility concerns, as well as slipping and sliding on a wet road, making driving hazardous for conditions.
  4. Speeding
    • When a motorist is speeding, they have much less time to react. If they make a mistake, an entire row of cars may end up in a multi-vehicle crash.
  5. Driver negligence
    • When a motorist is sleepy, distracted, or under the influence, the consequences can be severe. Drivers using cell phones, eating, reading maps, listening to music or talking are not focused on the road, and may end up causing accidents.

A Texas Multiple-Vehicle Collision Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a multiple-vehicle collision, you need an attorney. Regardless of how minor or severe the accident, your first step is to get in touch with a personal injury attorney immediately. Our team knows precisely what to do to protect your interests., and we’ve been able to help thousands of very satisfied clients recover millions of dollars for a range of claims. Angel Reyes – Reyes Browne Reilley personal injury law firm has the ability to maximize your potential and recover every single penny you deserve. Tap the green button above to call us or submit a form here.

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