Guidelines to a Safe and Fun Halloween

Author: Angel Reyes  

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Halloween, the highly anticipated fall holiday, full of ghouls and goblins running all throughout residential neighborhoods in search of sugary treats. Many people have had concerns in the past with razor blades and toxins filling their children’s candy sacks. These are still very scary and real threats. However, there is a far more overlooked killer on the loose this Halloween.

It’s far more important to worry about drivers on the road during Halloween than what people are putting in your children’s candy buckets. Plenty of children under the age of 18 have been killed by a passing car while they were just strolling the streets looking for candy while trick-or-treating. The numbers jump specifically on Halloween of kids being hit by cars.

As most parents know, checking your child’s candy is important in today’s day and age. But, teaching your children about the right ways to be safe before Halloween is an important thing to do every year. From the obvious to the things that most people wouldn’t think of. We’ve got the perfect safety guidelines for you and your family.

Guidelines to a Safe Halloween

  • Don’t send your kids out alone. Even if they’re in a familiar neighborhood, it’s better to always travel in numbers than riding solo. Especially don’t send them out if they’re too young.
  • Plan the route and run through it with them beforehand. This is something that most parents wouldn’t think to do. But taking your child for a walk and planning out the route is a good idea to understand where they’ll be.
  • Check local sex offender registries and avoid those homes. When tracking and outlining your route, be sure that there are houses that you emphasize to skip over if the address falls o the registered sex offenders list.
  • Avoid busy intersections and neighborhoods known for high traffic. Staying deeper into a residential block is far safer than sticking by houses close to a busy road.
  • Stay in well-lit areas at all times and wear bright colored costumes. Staying visible is the key to staying safe on Halloween night.
  • Always be aware of cars driving by and look both ways before crossing a street. Many kids hear this on a repeated basis. However, it can’t be emphasized enough for their safety. Especially on Halloween.
  • Teach them to stay away from strangers, consider giving them a cell phone for the night. You never want to have your child have to call 911, but they should know when and how to do so. Whether it be a stranger approaching them, or an emergency incident, it’s important they know how to do this on Halloween.

Pedestrians being struck and killed by motor vehicles happens more often with every passing year. The numbers rise on Halloween due to the high influx of pedestrians out at night in the dark. Stay safe this year, and happy Halloween!

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