More than 100 plaintiffs have reached a settlement with American Medical Systems Inc, a subsidiary of Endo International PLC which has agreed to pay $830 million as a result of personal injury lawsuits stemming from the health complications allegedly caused by trans-vaginal mesh devices. The company is presently trying to resolve approximately 20,000 ongoing lawsuits that claim the trans-vaginal mesh devices have caused chronic pain, incontinence and other problems such as surgical complications when attempting to remove them. Vaginal mesh devices are a treatment recommended by doctors to thousands of women who were implanted with theses defective devices after suffering from conditions known as “pelvic organ prolapse” and “stress urinary incontinence” which are caused by child birth, hysterectomy and menopause.

Many drug companies and medical manufacturers such as Endo International PLC subsidiary American Medical Systems Inc., thought they had come up with a solution to the above medical conditions with their trans-vaginal mesh products marketed under names like Apogee and Perigee as well as other names. The term trans-vaginal comes from the way the device is inserted into the women. A doctor inserts a trans-vaginal mesh into a women’s vagina rather than having to use surgery which is more invasive and risky. These products it has been claimed do more harm to women than good and manufacturers, marketers and others are being sued by thousands of women for damages and pain and suffering caused by trans-vaginal mesh products. And the plaintiffs are winning.

In May 2015, a women was awarded $25 million for pain and suffering and $75 million in punitive damages as a result of having used the trans-vaginal mesh devices made by Boston Scientific and Ethicon. The device caused the women to have to undergo several revision surgeries.

Johnson & Johnson was forced to pay a women $5.7 million after several surgeries failed to remove her trans-vaginal mesh device that had grown into the surrounding tissue.

These are just a few of the hundreds of successful lawsuits being brought in 2014 and 2015 regarding fraud and negligence on the part of manufacturers, marketers and doctors involved in selling, implanting, and removing trans-vaginal mesh devices for women. If you or a loved one has suffered complications associated with one of these devices, please give our experienced DFW product liability lawyers a call for a free consultation. You will speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable DFW medical malpractice attorneys about your experience with the trans-vaginal mesh device.

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