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You’re reaching for the door, keys in hand when you turn around to tell your furry family member goodbye. They want to go with you – they love being around you, and going for a cruise may be mentally stimulating for them. Maybe canines’ and other animals’ love for cars is innate, but as long as you’re keeping them safe, encouraging your dogs’ love for car rides is beneficial for both of you.

Taking Fido Along

When you’re deciding to take your companion along, think long-term. Will you be going somewhere that they have to be left alone in the car in the heat or for long periods of time? As long as the answer is not yes, embrace their sense of adventure.

Right from the beginning, you should take your pup along with you during outings wherever and whenever you can. Starting with short trips and watching for signs of motion sickness or anxiety. Teach them to stay in one section of the car and make sure they are safe.

Since the car offers sensory stimulation, make sure they have visual accessibility, and lower the windows just enough to let the array of smalls the outside world has to offer in.

One essential to always remember talking along is a bowl of water, as well as a leash and potty bags for the destination. Another tip for introducing car rides may be centering the first stop on somewhere that provides them with a fun treat.

Not all canines enjoy car rides, so it is important to alleviate symptoms of anxiety when car rides are unavoidable, like going to the vet or groomers. However, the car should always be as pleasant of an experience as possible.

Safety Tips

Safety is always the top priority when traveling with precious cargo. Their paws and head should never be allowed out of the window or sunroof, and they should always be restrained or contained in such a way that will not cause a distraction to you while driving. Dogs are safest in the rear of the car, either in a crate or harness.

We know it can be fun to have them next to you in the front seat, but it could cause injury to one of you. It is never a good idea to have small dogs on your lap beside you while you drive.

Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car or alone for extended periods of time.

Texas Transportation Code does not currently regulate animal safety laws.

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