Polaris Blazes Forward

Author: Angel Reyes  

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Lawsuits continue to pour in against the all-terrain vehicle manufacturer. The suits fighting their negligent behavior when it came to solely focussing on “how fast can we make this thing go.”

Their RZR side by sides, or glorified dune buggies, have become quite the topic of controversy as of late. Lawsuits including seeking class-action status, wrongful death, personal injury claims, and even shareholder suits have plagued the company.

There have been three suits that have concluded, with 11 pending. Between the years of 2013 and 2018, there have been reports of 180 fires. On top of that, there have been 10 recalls due to fire safety hazards.

When the RZR (pronounced razor) came out in 2007, they’ve become the pioneer for side by side off-road vehicles. With this status, Polaris has attempted to push it to the limits in order to stay on top of the competition.

Exhausting Danger

Since its inception, Polaris has actively made attempts to make the RZR faster and more powerful with every ensuing year. They’ve done so by ignoring safety entirely. Not only are these vehicles already extremely dangerous for potential rollover hazards. However, behind the front seats, a souped up engine encases its’ exhaust housing. This housing is dangerously close to key components for the rest of the vehicle.

While Polaris continues to make their models faster, the company has been slapped with disputes arriving from Federal Regulators. These regulators were adamant about maintaining safety protocols. What did Polaris do?

They essentially ignored their protocols, and effectively paid 27.25 million dollars in order to settle the dispute. Why would they do that? Because they wanted anything but to admit their own wrongdoing. This in turn would have opened them up to a much higher rate of lawsuits.

Future Lawsuit Potential

With their unwillingness to commit to any sort of safety protocols for their new models, they’re only opening themselves up to more future inevitable lawsuits. As stated above, there are still currently 11 pending cases against Polaris. With their production not slowing down, those numbers will only continue to rise.

Refusing to make attempts to fix their safety issues in previous models also adds to their liability. Their future plans remain unclear as to fixing the current issue at hand. However, consumers can protect themselves in these instances by not operating Polaris side by sides.

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