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031214-explosionTwo people are dead, and dozens are injured or missing after an explosion caused the partial collapse of a New York building. City Mayor Bill de Blasio held an early afternoon press conference, saying firefighters were still battling the resulting fire. Over 160 firemen and women were present in East Harlem trying to extinguish the flames and rescue people believed to be trapped in the rubble.

A neighbor reported smelling gas on Tuesday night. Con Ed, a local energy company, received a gas leak report but was not at the scene prior to the explosion. The resulting fire and smoke could be seen all the way to midtown.

In Texas, where natural gas is a widely used form of energy, leaks can be equally as dangerous. The Southern California Gas Company offers advice on how to recognize a potential gas leak.

Look – Is there a damaged connection to a gas appliance? Is there dirt or water being “blown” into the air from an unknown source? Do you spot dead or dying plants in the area? Can you see an exposed pipeline or fire nearby?

Listen – do you hear an unusual sound such as a hissing or roaring sound near a pipeline or gas-based appliance?

Smell – can you smell the distinct odor of natural gas?

If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately and contact your local gas company.

Photo courtesy of Fox News.

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