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2018 brought the highest count of U.S. pedestrian deaths in nearly 30 years — since 1988. According to data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there were an estimated 6,227 pedestrians deaths last year.

Transportation Safety Experts are attributing this rise in fatalities to the modern trend of optimizing highway construction to raise the maximum speed of commuting vehicles. Another factor is the shift in the types of vehicles on the road. Sedans and passenger cars are being replaced with trucks and SUVs, according to the GHSA study. These types of vehicles are heavier than smaller vehicles, and can cause more injury to pedestrians while driving at the same speed.

                “We’re killing way too many pedestrians. This has got to be a high priority,”                                    —Jonathan Adkins, executive director of GHSA

The world was a different place in the late 80’s and 90’s. Owning a cell phone or a computer was a privilege, not the standard. Nowadays, the distraction of smartphones poses an additional threat to drivers and pedestrians alike.

Five states attributed to almost half of all pedestrian deaths during the first six months of 2018. The states were California, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and our home state of Texas.

While not every pedestrian fatality is the direct fault of the driver, it is imperative to keep in mind the responsibility that comes with driving any vehicle — you are operating a machine that has the potential to harm, maim, or kill. Even if the pedestrian is inebriated, a driver should be vigilant when behind the wheel at all times.

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