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In The News

In a worst-case scenario for a wreck, only one passenger vehicle involved with the collision of three tractor-trailers and a tour bus. Just 35 miles outside of the major city of Pittsburgh, the crash has had a deadly impact on those involved.

The tragic incident occurred early on Sunday after the tour bus had been driving and collided with an embankment on Pennsylvania Turnpike headed towards Cincinnati. This then spurred a continuous pile-up which eventually involved three tractor-trailers and another passenger vehicle.

The bus company, Z&D buses, had not had any records within the last two years of crashes. The bus was carrying 56 passengers at the time of the crash. It began in New York City and was routing towards multiple locations in Ohio. The owner mentioned that the bus company drives that specific route every single day.

Aftermath and Losses

The owner of the bus company had mentioned that snow had begun to fall and the conditions for driving were not ideal. However, typically when it comes to public transportation, drivers must become more defensive and cautious in their driving. Had that been the case, there might be five more lives still with us.

Those that died as a result of this accident were the bus driver, two passengers on the bus, and two UPS drivers. Medical professionals treated 18 individuals at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Somerset. The hospital had treated them and released them. Another hospital, Excela Frick Hospital in Mount Pleasant had treated 31 patients. Forbes hospital treated 11 patients in Monroeville Pennsylvania. Two of those 11 were in critical condition while others remained in a considerable stable and fair condition. The remaining four were taken to trauma centers at UPMC Presbyterian and UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

UPS has subsequently announced they will be fully cooperating with all investigations, including the National Transportation Safety Board. The tour bus industry has been taking scrutiny from many violating companies in recent history. This makes it rather difficult for some of the reputable bus companies that follow the laws and regulations.

Most tour buses are notorious for not having seatbelts or any type of safety restraints in order to protect its passengers. This could potentially be a good cause for concern going forward after seeing first-hand how disastrous a bus accident can really become. Those five lives could have been prevented, and many severe injuries could potentially have been lessened.

Subsequently, the industry has been in a downswing due to the safety track record. Throughout the coming days and weeks, there will be an investigation to get to the bottom of what had all taken place on the early Sunday morning.

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