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Seven people received treatment at a local hospital in Arlington after a ride at Six Flags Over Texas experienced an electrical malfunction Sunday evening. The Fire Department responded to a call on the amusement park’s Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast ride around 6:30 p.m., stating the incident took place in the tunnel portion of the ride. Employees had already put the fire out using portable extinguishers. According to a Six Flags spokesman, all guests and staff exited the ride in minutes. Arlington fire crews ventilated the area of smoke and left the scene with Six Flags Public Safety. Of the seven, one employee received treatment for minor injuries. The six other guests received professional attention out of “an abundance of caution” according to The Dallas Morning News.

Initial investigation shows that the cause of the smoke was an electrical malfunction.

Amusement Park Safety

Within a three-year period, the Texas Department of Insurance reported 127 injuries on thrill rides, slides, devices, and inflatables. Joe Bixler, an independent ride inspector hired by the State Fair of Texas, talks about ten main points of an individual’s personal safety checklist after he and his team finish inspections:

  1. Pay attention to the size of your riders. The largest person should sit on the outside of rides.
  2. Position yourself straight up. Sit forward. And lean back in the ride.
  3. Do not put your fingers in chains. Nervous, fidgety riders tend to do this.
  4. If you are a larger person, you need to be able to sit comfortably on the ride. If not, do not ride.
  5. If you think there is any chance you’ll pass out, make sure there is a second safety device. It may be a belt or bar between your legs and/or sidebars to support your head.
  6. If you see a ride down for maintenance – Relax! It’s a good thing.
  7. Stop and watch every ride before you get in line. Ask yourself, “Am I comfortable?”
  8. Pay attention to those signs. Observe the health, height, and weight requirements.
  9. You’ve heard “keep your arms and feet inside the vehicle.” Warn nervous little ones not to work their feet into rides with spokes such as motorcycles or cars with wheels.
  10. Finally, the one object you should never take with you on a ride? A cell phone! – When a cellphone comes down and hits a customer, the person whos phone it is could be liable for injuring someone.

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