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reyes-blog-0318131-300x200Currently the Hispanic population in the US is approximately 50,500,000. Latinos represent 16% of the US population, and are expected to grow to 27.8% by 2050. They accounted for more than half of the 2.3 million persons increase in the last year. More than 60% of Hispanics in America were born in the US. Mexico makes up 36.1% of those Hispanics that are foreign-born.

Spanish speakers are America’s fastest growing demographic. Of the 50+ million Latinos, almost 37 million are Spanish-language dominant. 24% of Hispanics live in homes where only English is spoken, but 68% of Hispanics live in homes where both English and Spanish are spoken. Although there are over 100 languages spoken in the US, a 2012 US Census reported that Spanish is the most common secondary language used by non-native English speakers.

The US Department of Labor reports that there are currently about 23 million people of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. That is almost 15% of the current labor force, and it’s a growing number. By 2020 it is expected to grow to 19%. Neilson data reports that Latino buying power will increase from approximately 1 trillion dollars in 2010, to 1.5 trillion by 2015.

Hispanics (specifically Spanish speakers) watch more television than their English-speaking counterparts. In a 2011 report, Univision beat all other networks in the evenings for the 18-34 age demographic among all Americans.

Fun Fact: The last name Garcia is the #8 most popular name in the US. There are 1,114,559 Hispanics with this name.

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