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Staying safe while traveling on the busy holiday is a difficult task. From being stuck in traffic, to sprinting through an airport late for a flight, there is plenty of stressful things to worry about during this time of year.

Every holiday throughout the fall and winter is the same. Everyone rushes around not only to buy gifts for their loved ones, but to also make it to their holiday destination. There are many ways people can have a tragedy occur just before the holidays.

Instead of having any sort of tragedy happen during the holidays, here are some simple steps we recommend for your traveling plans:

Leave Early, Stay Late.

Use that Paid Time Off you have been saving until the end of the year. A higher variable and potential for a car accident comes into play when you travel on busy days. Consequently, more individuals tend to make dangerous decisions in traffic during their traffic jam frustrations.

This leads to more people getting into accidents and ultimately incurring injuries or even death. It is far safer to either leave a day earlier or later than others and return using the same method. Flights are cheaper this way, and roads are more clear as well.

Don’t Allow Guests to Drink and Drive

Over a million times people have heard the phrase “don’t drink and drive.” However, having others hold their loved ones accountable can be a proven effective measure. Allowing your guests to drink and then drive also holds you liable, should they get into a drunk driving accident. In Texas, it’s very important to understand the social host laws. Not supplying alcohol to minors or allowing guests to drink and proceed to drive home is the only way to protect yourself from violating this law.

Car Check ☑️

Servicing your vehicle and all it’s general maintenance needs before Christmas is the one thing most families forget to do. When you are carrying your entire family in one vehicle, make sure the vehicle is 100% able to handle the journey. In order to be completely safe, you should have your oil, filters, brakes, tires, fuel, and windshield wipers all refreshed and maintained. It also never hurts to throw in an extra emergency kit as well.

Plan Ahead

Many people plan well ahead of time for their trips. Those individuals that plan their trip early typically have far more successful and safe adventures. Adding frequent stops to your drives help prevent car accidents. Keep your driver refreshed and fully awake. Making stops is important for the overall safety of the trip. Restroom breaks, stretching breaks, and even a stop to sleep on those really long trips can prove to be beneficial.

Always Have Your Lawyer in Mind For Emergencies

The Reyes Browne Reilley law firm has been helping people with their personal injuries after motor vehicle accidents for nearly three decades. Compiling a 98% victory rate over that span, your best selection in a lawyer is right here.

Our lawyers operate on a contingency fee which means you don’t have to worry about paying us. When working with us, you don’t pay a dime unless we win your case. No up-front fees, lawyer costs, or consultation fees to be assessed. This way, you have no reason not to call our dedicated legal staff at (214) 526-7900. You can also submit your evaluation information here through our secure web submission forms.

Happy Holidays From All of Us at Reyes Browne Reilley!

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