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The US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund has found asbestos in crayons. The agency conducted tests on six brands of crayons sold at Dollar Tree. Five of the six brands passed, with the exception of Playskool. Dangerous amounts of Tremoline were detected inside of their green crayon. Tremoline is a type of Asbestos, and exposure to this harmful chemical can cause life threatening complications such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and others.

The US PIRG has asked retailers of Playskool crayons to stop selling them immediately remove them from their inventory. This affected retailers such as Dollar Tree, Amazon, eBay, and

“We are conducting a thorough investigation into these claims, including working with Leap Year, the licensee of the product,” Katy Hendrickson Director, Hasbro’s director of global communications said.

The US PIRG has provided a school supply shopping guide to aid parents in purchasing safe school supplies that have passed their testing. In addition to the asbestos in crayons, other items purchased from Dollar Tree that failed their chemical tests were dry erase markers, 3-ring binders, and water bottles.

Playskool’s parent company, Hasbro, could be held liable for any injury claims that arise from finding asbestos in crayons. Product liability lawsuits can be determined by three theories: strict product liability, breach of warranty, and negligence.

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