Hands-Free Driving Laws Restricting Freedom?

Motor vehicle accidents occur all over the country. With more laws coming out to protect the citizens of each state, there is one law that is beginning to pick up speed, popularity, and controversy. Maine has just inducted the Hands-Free Driving law, and it causes many people to wonder; “is Texas next?”

Texas currently has some of the more loose laws when it comes to operating a vehicle and a cellular device simultaneously. Consequently the top five ranking states in motor vehicle accidents includes Texas. Specifically, Dallas is currently in the top 20 cities in the country for car wrecks per capita.

How can we fix this issue? Lawmakers all over the country have been making efforts to reduce the number of car accidents due to distracted driving. So they implemented the Hands-Free driving law in order to make it easier for officers to assess fines and penalties.

With 23 states (as well as D.C and Puerto Rico) already adopting these laws, it’s only a matter of time before more states follow suit. For instance, when the texting and driving laws came into effect, 48 states followed.

Texas currently only enforces laws that prohibit cell phone use in school zones, for those under 18, bus drivers, and any texting of any kind. Many citizens in the states that already have adopted the hands free law, dislike the implementation.

Why are people not liking this law? Many believe that it’s just another way for the government to penalize the citizens by revoking freedoms. People will say they were “using a GPS” or “looking up an address on the web” as a loophole to avoid the steep fines of texting and driving.

Where’s the Proof?

Here lies the problem with these laws. People find whatever means necessary to avoid fines after breaking the law. What are statistics showing from these states that have already adopted this hands-free law?

There has not been a report of lowering car accidents in these states. However, there are a lower amount of reports flowing in for texting and driving. So, does this law even work? So far there hasn’t been any solidified evidence that prove the law stops people from getting into car accidents.

Police are citing people less and less for texting and driving. There are many valid questions people are asking about this law. But, does this mean people are abiding by the law? Could they just be getting more sneaky about how they’re going about their texting while driving? Are people just becoming more reckless and dangerous drivers in order to check their devices after they’ve reached their destination?

For now it seems that the law hasn’t had a direct causation on the rate of accidents in these states. However, there has been a rather small sample size at the moment that isn’t falling in the favor lawmakers had hoped it would. Accidents seem to truly be inevitable events that have came with the introduction of the motor vehicles.

Were You Injured By a Distracted Driver?

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