Caught on Camera: New Anit-Distracted Driving Cameras

Author: Angel Reyes  

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New AI camera systems catch drivers texting and driving. Also, the fine is hefty enough to make speeding the least amount of your worries.

Imagine getting a letter in the mail with a picture of you, flying through an intersection, texting. Now, that is alarming as it is, but the letter also contains a $232 fine. That’s enough of a signal to get anyone to stop texting.

“We saw people on Facebook, people texting. We saw people trying to be tricky by having their phone below the window line of their vehicles.”

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey

Consequently, a test was conducted in New South Wales Australia and the results are quite alarming. The cameras reportedly checked 8.5 million vehicles, while catching 100,000 people texting during the 6 month test period. The drivers in New South Whales had no notice of these tests that occurred.

“We have to unfortunately use the element of surprise to get people to think ‘well, I could get caught at any time’. I want behavior to change, and I want it changed immediately.”

NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance

How Soon Until America Implements This?

Foreshadowing the inevitable continued battle against distracted driving in America, it seems like this could be happening sooner rather than later. Especially considering our numbers of distracted driving are only rising.

Texas has already implemented red light running camera systems. Many different states have issued speed trap camera systems as well. With the help of cell phones, drivers maneuver their way around these speed traps and stop light camera systems every day.

The app called “Waze” enables a community of drivers to be able to report where speed traps (officer and automated) and stop light monitors are located.

The app highlights their route to their destination. Along that route, there are icons that notify the driver as to where automated speed traps or police officers are stationed. This allows drivers to have a heads up as to when to slow down and be on their best behavior just to avoid a fine.

Is this app potentially enabling people to get away with distracted driving? That is, until they get into an accident. Car accidents in the United States are inevitable. Accidents happen far more often when the driver uses a mobile phone.

Distracted driving kills about nine people a day in the United States. On top of that, there are over 1,000 injuries every year as a result from distracted driving. Many injuries and wrongful deaths related to driving that can quite easily be avoided.

Over the course of five years, 100 deadly or serious car crashes can be prevented. Additionally, there’s potential for drivers to be issued $34.5 million in fees. There were no reports of faulty issuing with these distracted driving camera systems. Human examined data collection allowed for the highest degree of accuracy.

Have You Been Injured in a Distracted Driving Accident?

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