new-mexico-bus-sedmi-crash-august-30-2018-300x225A California-based trucking company and one of its drivers are being accused of negligence after eight people were killed in a crash. The collision happened Thursday on a busy New Mexico highway. Two surviving passengers are suing.

Lawsuits show the trucking company has a history of crashes.

Federal investigators worked for a second day at the scene of the deadly New Mexico crash. They’re trying to determine what led to the violent collision between a Greyhound bus and a tractor trailer Thursday.

State police believe a tire failure caused the truck and trailer to jack-knife on I-40, cross over the median and slam head-on into a Greyhound bus.

Now law suits are accusing the driver and trucking company of negligence.

In a pair of lawsuits, filed one day after the crash, attorneys are citing federal safety data showing three crashes in the last two years involving Jag Transportation Inc, a California-based trucking company.

The complaint raises concerns about proper maintenance and inspection of the truck’s tires.

“It just happened like that — it was just out of nowhere, you have no control over it,” said Elisara Taito, driver of the 18-wheeler involved in the crash.

“One minute, I’m driving normal and then split second it just goes to hell,” Taito said.

The lawsuits claim the truck driver was negligent. At last check, 15 people are still being treated.

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