The use of e-cigarettes has long been skyrocketing among the youth of the United States. For the last five years, it has been incredibly noticeable. It’s becoming more and more popular among younger crowds as e-cigarette manufacturers were initially marketing their products with sweet or fruity type flavors.

We are beginning to see the long term effects of e-cigarette use as 14 cases of “severe pulmonary disease” are showing up in patients. Six of these cases are below the age of 18. Texas just raised the legal limit of buying these products to 21. That effort is far too late in the purpose it was set to deliver.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 450 people across 32 states have had cases of pulmonary illness with six deaths due to vaping, the last coming just this week.

Some investigators are beginning to believe that the cause for this illness lies within cannabinoid substances being added to the e-cigarette oil. With cannabis oil being used in e-cigarettes, there is an added oil that must go with it. The reason for this is to liquify the cannabis for use in the e-cigarette. This added oil is being noted as a potential cause. However, there is no definitive single substance being claimed by higher-up officials like the CDC.

Without a definitive cause, the CDC is struggling to get people to realize the magnitude of this dilemma. Yet, people are continuing to modify and add substances that are not intended for their use. These substances have yet to be definitively traced to the illness.

JUUL’s FDA Warnings

E-cigarettes have never even been proved to be used as a substitute for smoking regular cigarettes. Companies like JUUL are coming under fire for their marketing practices. JUUL, in attempts to market their products, had been blatantly calling them “the safer alternative to smoking.”

However, this was never the truth and has resulted in many issues for the company. Not only has JUUL been the targets of many lawsuits, but they recently were given a stern warning from the FDA to cease their marketing actions.

JUUL does not make any e-cigarettes that have any trace of the substance being used in the cannabinoid that is allegedly at fault in some reports. However, they are at fault when it comes to making their products appealing to younger audiences. Additionally, it is known that one of their pods contains the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. Some teens are smoking up to three and four pods a day.

Not only does this cause them to become horrendously addicted to nicotine, but it in result is capable of directing their use towards traditional cigarettes. Consequently, they can also come to try additional things with their e-cigarettes. Exemplifying how some kids are coming in contact with the oil potentially at fault.

The Liability and Legality

These problems that are occurring are only becoming more and more prevalent in our society. The numbers begin to rise to pave the way to a potential major lawsuit similar to those that we have seen in the past. Lawsuits against companies like Johnson and Johnson for their talcum products, as well as 3M and their defective hearing protection.

With this unique situation, an opportunity is beginning to rise that will allow people to have the ability to file lawsuits in order to cause JUUL and other companies to dwindle. For their negligent behavior, while directly targeting youth with their marketing campaigns, JUUL is certainly liable for any personal injuries that people have incurred from these products.

Reyes Browne Reilley welcomes any of those that are looking to get rightful justice on behalf of their injuries caused by the electronic nicotine delivery system. The CEO of JUUL feels they’re only partly responsible.

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