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The Kaufman night sky is one of the most beautiful views in all of Texas. The bright stars that light up the night without the hindrance of light pollution give Kaufman citizens a beautiful look at the universe outside of our own world. Everyone says that this night sky truly makes you feel much smaller and have a different perspective on daily life.

Something else that happens in Kaufman that can make a person feel very small is when dealing with an insurance company after their client left you injured. Injuries are not fun. Personal injuries steal you away from your normal daily life and can make your entire world feel like it has been turned upside down. This is why most people will hire an attorney to help them fight the insurance company for their rightful compensation.

The right personal injury professionals serving the DFW Metroplex are not hard to find. Look no further than the staff of Reyes Browne Reilley and Associates. We not only help Kaufman; we also help all of Texas. This has given us the ability to have experience and the pleasure of assisting many people just like you and your family get the justified compensation that you deserve.

Our personal injury staff is the right option for you. Individuals that take on the insurance companies of their physical offenders receive a small fraction of the amount they could have, and it takes far longer than it should get there. Instead, you can hire the best Texas-based attorneys who only take a small fraction of the overall settlement, which allows you to still have the maximum compensation possible. The best part about that is, you don’t pay us unless we win.

On top of working for you for free unless we win, you also don’t pay for any consultation fees or up-front attorney’s fees, or case costs. We handle everything for you until your case is either settled or comes to a positive jury verdict. Even then, you will still have your medical bills covered, and a little bit extra in your pocket. That’s far better than most other law firms can say they can do.

We know this because we have the best reputation when working with opposing insurance company’s attorneys. They know that we will not play games when it comes to our client’s well-being. Our goal is to make sure our client is fully taken care of without a single worry in the world. Having been in the business for nearly three decades, we have helped thousands of people recover hundreds of millions of dollars in total financial recovery, with a 98% success rate to add. We pride ourselves on being the most efficient and victorious law firm in Texas.

You can check out our previous client reviews here. They all started where you are right now. Intelligently navigating different attorney’s pages in order to find the right one. You have finally found us and no longer need to look for the perfect attorney to fit your needs. Call us today at (214) 526-7900 for your 100% free and confidential case evaluation. You can also submit your information discreetly to our case evaluation submission forms here.