Shelled_pine_nutsFood allergies can cause severe reactions in some people, and can be extremely dangerous. This is one of the reasons that food products are required to list ingredients. In April 2014, several foods are being recalled due to ingredients not listed on the packaging.

Wegman’s Food Markets is recalling Easter bread, which contains eggs, not listed on the package. Unlisted eggs were also the cause of a recall of Mini Butter Croissants at Whole Foods. Egg allergies are common among children, and reactions can be dangerous.

Hickory Farms Farmstand Recipe Chipotle Ranch Sauce was recently found to contain milk that was not listed among ingredients declared on the label. Milk is also present in the White Bean Hummus produced and sold by Price Chopper. Lactose intolerance can cause millions of people to develop intestinal distress when they consume products containing milk.

AngelBowls Corkscrew Pasta and Creamy Tomato Vodka Sauce is being recalled due to the presence of pine nuts – a powerful allergen – in its recipe that is not listed on the package. That product is manufactured by Dominex Natural Foods.

Nut allergies are often severe, and can result in a life threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Allergies to tree nuts of all varieties are one of the most common allergies in people of all ages. These adverse reactions often last a lifetime, although many other allergies come and go over the course of years or decades.

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