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johnson-johnson-destroy-records-300x200Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest names in healthcare, is currently the defendant in a class action lawsuit from women who claim they were injured by the company’s defective product. Corporate Action Network, an advocacy group that investigates corporate activities, has asked the federal government to investigate what they claim is evidence tampering by the corporation.

Pelvic mesh implants are used to support internal organs that have started to sag in women. The condition is common among older women, and those who have given birth to children. The implants have been the cause of tens of thousands of injuries, according plaintiffs in the case.

“Evidence we’ve presented at trial showed they knew these implants would cause complications and they just didn’t care. Many women are now disabled and they can’t leave their beds, they’re in so much pain. Women have killed themselves because the pain eclipses childbirth pain, it’s that bad,” Jane Akre, founder of an online group for victims, said.

The Corporate Action Network has sent a formal request to Attorney General Eric Holder, asking him to look into allegations Johnson and Johnson destroyed evidence.

U.S. District Court Judge Cheryl Eifert stated the healthcare corporation did destroy records related to studies of the product. These missing records include data on injuries sustained by volunteers during tests.

A spokesperson from Johnson and Johnson told the Associated Press the company “acted appropriately and responsibly in the research, development and marketing of our pelvic mesh products.”

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