Angel Reyes III Motorcycle Safety

bigstock-200291962-300x171Motorcycles and bicycles, when operated correctly, can be an absolutely safe, healthy, and fun form of transportation. However, in case of accident, they can leave the rider completely devastated with injuries, as they are far less protective than a vehicle with four wheels.

This is why it is so absolutely vital  to wear a helmet at all times. Even if you are one of the most careful riders on the road, you cannot ensure everyone else on the road is following these rules as adamantly as you are. Therefore, the risks of accident or injury are high.

In fact, being involved a bicycle or motorcycle accident without the protection of a helmet can not only result in devastating brain, facial, or head injuries, and these injuries can absolutely be fatal. Victims of head injuries who are lucky enough to survive are often left bereft of much of the quality of their life. Now more than ever, laws are governing for motorcyclists and bicyclists to wear a helmet the same way a driver is asked to wear a seatbelt – it is just as, if not more, important.

Remember to drive defensively, as though other drivers “are out to kill you,” according to one experienced rider. Many automobile drivers don’t pay as much attention to their driving as they should; they especially aren’t looking out for motorcycles or bicyclists. A good many accidents happen when auto drivers follow motorcycles too closely, pass them inappropriately or make a left turn in front of them. A good motorcyclist always pays attention to what other drivers are doing. No matter the cause of an accident, motorcyclists are going to be hurt worse than a car’s driver and passengers. They’re not surrounded by a box of metal that will deflect some of the impact and keep them from flying through the air.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle or motorcycle accident due to no fault of your own, allow our Dallas Metroplex lawyers of Reyes Browne Reilley to fight for your rights. We know you are facing a number of serious issues, whether it be the loss of wages or ability to work, expensive medical bills, or the overwhelming emotional distress accompanying an accident or injury. This is why our legal team is so utterly dedicated to pursuing justice on your behalf–we refuse to back down from a challenge.

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