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Right in the heart of North Dallas, you will find a city with strong roots and proud culture. Murphy, widely known for its “Murphy Marketplace,” boasts an admirable economy as well as a quality infrastructure. Murphy’s citizens enjoy the many amenities the city itself offers as well as the close proximity to other bigger cities that host a variety of different events and marketplaces.

However, sometimes in small flourishing towns, there are hardships dealt with individuals that become so unbearable they do not know what to do about them. Being injured by someone else can be a tricky situation. Especially when you are unsure as to what your steps you need to take are. If you are not careful, any decision you make can come back to hurt you severely. From lack of adequate treatment for your injuries to lack of compensation for those medical bills. You need the right lawyer.

When you come to the right decision and get a lawyer, you are going to need the best personal injury lawyer that Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer. These lawyers call the law offices of Angel Reyes and Associates their home. Getting a lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting the right lawyer doesn’t either.

Hiring our attorneys is by far the most intelligent move that anyone who suffered a personal injury can make. Picking the most efficient and client-focused law firm in Texas will only benefit you in the long process of a personal injury case.

Making attempts to return to your normal life after a severe or even a minor injury incident is more difficult than most people can imagine. However, our law firm has managed to string together a resume that beats all odds and other law firms in the area. Spanning nearly 30 years, we have put out a 98% success rate totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for our thousands of previous clients.

Maximum recovery is what we always want to strive for. Texas state insurance laws mandate a statute of limitations, so we always seek to retrieve that amount. However, most cases are not going to reach that amount due to the lower cost of their medical bills and lost wages. That doesn’t stop us from trying to retrieve the best compensation amount. We have a perfect range for us to operate with between the maximum amount and what your expenses were, and we will never settle for less.

Our lawyers will go to work for you as if you were our only client. That’s why we have policies put in place to ensure you are taken care of throughout this process. You will not pay a dime for an attorney to go to work for you. We don’t collect any compensation for our work until your case has finished and only after we have won for you. You will not have to pay anything for a consultation either.

You have nothing to lose when calling our law firm. Our dedicated staff is standing by 24/7 for you to reach out to us. We can handle any personal injury case that comes our way. Call us now at (214) 526-7900 or submit your evaluation information here and we will reach out to you immediately.