Plano Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help

Plano injury attorneys represent people who have been injured under many different circumstances. Those injuries may have occurred as the result of a car accident involving their vehicle and a vehicle driven by another driver. The injuries may have occurred in an accident involving the victim’s vehicle and a commercial driver. In some cases, a pedestrian, someone on a bicycle or someone on a motorcycle may find themselves the victim of a negligent driver and a Plano injury attorney can step in to help in these cases, as well.

The basics of these cases are not hard to understand. A Plano injury attorney will help you to understand the specifics of your claim, and, while your claim will have its own unique features, your claim will be based on the entity that caused your accident being negligent.

What Does Negligence Really Mean?

While establishing negligence in court is something that requires a skilled and knowledgeable Plano injury attorney, understanding the concept of negligence is really not terribly difficult.

Being negligent simply means not exercising a reasonable degree of care. For example, if you were on a bicycle in the bicycle lane, following traffic regulations and someone hit you with their vehicle due to no fault of your own, they may very well be found to have been negligent in that incident in court. A reasonable person would of taken measures to ensure your safety and you’re right to enjoy the road, while a negligent driver may have been distracted, aggressive, harassing or negligent in some other regard.

Attorneys can glean this information from your own story, police reports regarding the accident and from other sources. Once a Plano injury attorney starts looking into your claim, they will look for every piece of evidence they can find to back up the fact that the other party involved in the accident was negligent and they will use that evidence it to its greatest possible effect.

It’s Not Just on the Roads

The types of negligence that lead to injuries don’t only occur on the roadways. For example, a retail establishment that fails to adequately flag hazards on the floor or to maintain safe flooring may be responsible for a slip and fall injury you suffered due to their own negligence.

Likewise, an employer who fails to offer their employees adequate training for hazardous work and the equipment to do that work as safely as possible may be responsible for the injuries their employees suffer on the job, as well.

Our experienced Plano injury attorneys will be able to handle these types of claims under most any circumstances and will not shy away from suing even very large corporations if they were negligent in a way that caused you injury.

What Are Damages?

In order to file a lawsuit, you have to be able to affix a dollar amount to the injuries that you sustained. Your attorney can help you with this. In some cases, the party that was negligent may offer you compensation immediately after an accident. You should never take this without consulting an attorney. Chances are that what they’re offering you will not be sufficient to cover the full extent of your damages and an attorney can make sure that, whether it is by negotiating a larger settlement or taking them to court, you get to exercise your right to seek damages for injuries caused to you by another party’s negligence.

Consulting with our Plano injury attorneys is free, so be sure to give us a call if you have been hurt and are in need of compensation. If it wasn’t your fault and if someone else was responsible, there is no reason you should be left to deal with the damage they caused on your own.

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