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Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyer signs up a new injured client.

If you suffered serious injuries and sustained a lot of damages in an accident such as a car wreck, winning your personal injury claim can make or break your future. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to take care when pursuing your claim. Get professional legal advice and follow all legal procedures carefully to avoid wrecking your case.

Below are five ways you can benefit your personal injury case and increase your chances of winning and getting the settlement you need.

#1: Collect Every Shred of Evidence

Without evidence, you have no case. You will need two basic types of evidence — evidence to prove the other party’s fault and evidence to prove the extent and effects of your damages. To make the most of your claim, collect any and all information that may help substantiate your claim. Below are just a few examples.

  • Medical, rehabilitation and prescription bills
  • Doctors’ notes and prognoses
  • Photos and videos of the damages and the accident scene
  • Eyewitness contact info
  • Injury journal
  • Proof of lost wages and lost benefits
  • Receipts for every injury-related expense

#2: Follow Your Doctor’s Orders to a T

It’s important to get medical attention, attend all medical appointments and stick to the doctor’s orders. If you fail to do so, the defendant or insurer can use your behavior to prove that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim. If the doctor says you can only do light activities and you post pictures on Facebook of you working out, your case could crumble. Stick to your treatment plan.

#3: Be Very Detailed with Your Losses

The more detailed you can be about your injuries and damages, the more likely you are to obtain a full and fair settlement. For example, the degree of pain you deal with on a daily basis, how your family has suffered as result of your injury and your emotional damages are all important (and compensable). Your lawyer can assist in creating a detailed, itemized list of the ways your accident has impacted your life.

#4: Exercise Patience – Don’t Rush to Settle

If you are seriously injured and unable to work, it’s easy to panic about your finances. Insurers know this, and some may try to prey on your financial instability. They might offer you a quick settlement that’s far lower than what your case is worth, hoping you will settle and reduce the payout. It’s ill-advised to sign the first offer that comes your way. Speak to your lawyer about what would be a fair offer and allow your lawyer to negotiate.

#5: Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

As already mentioned, secure legal representation before pursuing a serious personal injury case. Having a credentialed attorney with a successful track record working on your behalf can protect your rights and allow you to exercise them.

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