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fitness-tracker-personal-injury-300x300It’s almost impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing someone wearing a fitness and activity tracker. These devices, which are commonly worn around the wrist, use sensors to detect your motions and activity throughout the day, and connect that information to an application on your smartphone. These wearable fitness monitors are a great way to help people reach their fitness goals, and can used as a source in your personal injury case.

FitBit Helps Canadian Woman Win Personal Injury Case

In a recent personal injury case in Canada, a woman was able to use the information gathered by her FitBit brand fitness tracker as evidence to prove that her accident significantly affected her activity levels. The woman is being asked to wear the activity tracker for several months in order to gather enough information to determine whether or not she is able to be sufficiently active for someone in her age group and career. If the tracker shows that the accident limited her ability to be as active as prior to the event, she may have enough proof to demand compensation.

In most personal injury cases, the accusing party undergoes observation by a physician who will then determine the effect the accident had on their body. Although activity monitors only allow for a limited amount of information to be gathered, it allows for a longer term and more accurate way to assess how a victim’s body is injured after an accident.

The use of wearable technology to help with personal injury cases could serve in multiple ways for both parties. Insurance companies can used information collected to determine possible insurance fraud. But for victims, these activity trackers could help show the responsible party what repercussions their actions had on the victim and prove that they deserve compensation.

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