Long Term Cell Phone Defective Injuries

Americans are becoming addicted to their mobile devices. In turn, we’re seeing more people suffering from injuries due to their constant use of their phones, tablets, and even computers.

In our society, cell phones have become a necessity and their use is growing at a consistent rate.

The common side effects from this can range from ridiculous, to alarming. From bent and disfigured fingers, to severe mutations of our cervical vertebra. We’re beginning to see the full effects of our technological dependence on the human body.

One of the more odd effects of our technology addiction is “Smartphone Pinky.” This ailment people are noticing has to do with users of large mobile phones. Samsung and Apple both make heavier and bulkier cell phones. Consequently, people have been experiencing a dent, bend, or disfigurement of their pinky finger from holding the phone for an extended amount of time.

However, there are concerning ailments people are experiencing. Tech neck, dry eye, and cell phone elbow are among the common complaints of avid mobile device users. Many people don’t even realize what is happening until they hear about it from someone else.

Harmful blue light has been coming into the mainstream reporting recently. Consequently, eyeglass manufacturers have come up with new blue light blocking lenses to help aid in our exponentially growing addiction.

Are any of these problems caused by someone other than ourselves? With our excessive use of our own devices, we’ve become slaves to the connection they provide us. It’s nearly impossible to try to hold a cell phone manufacturer accountable for any of these personal injury ailments. No laws are prohibiting us from our free time cell phone usage.

What Injuries Are Suitable For Compensation?

However, cell phones and their chargers are injuring people. Chargers that heat up to an unsafe temperature and burn users while they sleep. Cell phones exploding from their defective batteries. These are two cases that people can receive financial compensation for their injuries.

The lawsuits that have been happening in an abundance over the past decade involving our devices, are lawsuits involving using mobile phones and driving. Motorists just can’t seem to put the phone down while they commute and travel. This results in major car accidents that lead to many injuries and sometimes even death. Without a doubt, the biggest dilemma America faces with injuries and cell phones occur on the road.

Have You Been Injured By a Distracted Motorist?

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