Angel Reyes III Personal Injury

concert-923245_960_720-300x200It’s August in Dallas and, for many, that means one thing: concert season.

The Dallas Metroplex has many incredible concert venues that are frequently sites of many large artists.

Concerts of all kinds provide entertainment to the masses, but they also have the potential for significant personal injury.

Perhaps the most well known instance happened at a 1979 rock concert for The Who. A crowd rushed the stage, causing 11 deaths and 27 injuries.

At a Pearl Jam concert in 2000, nine people died and 26 more were injured when a stage collapsed following a group of fans rushing the stage.

Injuries as a result of the negligence of other parties should not be ignored. The sheer number of attendees, as well as environmental circumstances such as alcohol, can lead to unsafe conditions and circumstances. Crowds can easily lead to falls and other incidents resulting in injuries.

It is standard for venues to incorporate safety standards as a precaution in an attempt to prevent injuries to visitors. Unfortunately, these can sometimes be lacking. Examples might include defective guardrails or an excess number of attendees in violation of fire codes.

Regardless of the cause of an injury at an entertainment venue, a personal injury lawsuit is possible. It will be necessary to prove the negligence of either a person or the venue owners. For more information following a concert injury sustained by yourself or a loved one, call the experienced attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley for a free consultation.

We will provide sincere and straight forward feedback to the possibility of recovering damages for your injuries based on the facts of your situation. All consultations are free of charge and we work on a contingency basis, meaning no fee is collected unless we win compensation for you.

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