Angel Reyes III Rental Scooter — A woman living in Uptown is dealing with some fairly intense injuries after she crashed an electric rental scooter last weekend during her first ride.

The woman, Kelley Mitchum, told WFAA that she was with friends at a restaurant on McKinney Avenue and decided to try out the new scooters.

At the end of June, the City of Dallas passed regulations for bike share companies that many in the city have been asking for.

They also gave the green light to a six-month trial run for electric rental scooters—which travel up to 15 mph after the rider pays a fee.

You can’t ride on sidewalks in the Central Business District (which includes Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas), and you can’t ride in a street where the speed limit is over 35 mph.

Companies like Lime and Bird both dumped hundreds of scooters almost immediately after everything went through.

But, when Mitchum hopped on her Lime scooter, she said that she flipped over it face first whenever she rode over the trolley tracks on McKinney.

“I did a block, and when I came back around I was going a little fast,” Mitchum said. “I hit where the trolley exchanges, and I just lost control and tumbled.”

Mitchum, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, hit her face on the road and had to be taken to the emergency room. Her injuries aren’t severe, but she does have some pretty bad road rash, a gash on her nose, and two black eyes.

“It cost me $1.38 for the ride, and probably a couple thousand dollars for my trip to the emergency room,” Mitchum said.

One attorney in Beverly Hills said he gets two to five calls a day from people wanting to lawyer up after they crash a scooter.

The attorney said scooter accidents are becoming a common thing, and his phone won’t stop ringing. Dallas is being warned the calls will start to pour in soon.

Mitchum said that wasn’t hard to believe considering her circumstances.

She said that it’s easy to overestimate the two-wheeled transportation if you’re not careful. Not to mention, there’s a lot of bumps in the road (like those trolley tracks) that could cause you to have a spill if you hit them.

“When you hit the cement at 17 miles per hour, it hurts,” Mitchum said.

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