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The town riddled with adventure parks, water parks, regular parks, and even an archery range has plenty of recreation for the entire town to participate. Most small towns don’t have a single grass park, dog park, or even playgrounds for kids to play outside of their elementary schools. Roanoke certainly has fun things to do for individuals of all ages. The perfect family excitement community.

One thing that isn’t so perfect with Roanoke is the simple fact that sometimes these fun events can lead to tragedy. People being hurt by others’ negligent or reckless actions happen far too often in this town. When that happens, most people don’t realize that they need an attorney to help them with their financial and physical health after the fact.

That’s why most Roanoke families that deal with these types of situations actually call the Roanoke professional personal injury attorneys at law. These attorneys operate out of the law firm of Reyes Browne Reilley and Associates. There is no substitution for hard work in the eyes of personal injury law, and nobody works harder for clients than our attorneys and legal staff.

When deciding whether or not you need an attorney, there is only one fact to consider. Those that do not hire an attorney get less than 20% of what they eventually would have received had they hired an attorney. You are more than likely to have to pay out of pocket for your medical costs when in reality, the insurance company should be picking up the entire bill for their client’s reckless mistakes.

Our compassionate and driven attorneys have been putting together a splendid resume over the last three decades. We have boasted a 98% success rate for all of our clients that have enlisted in our services. Losing is not an option for our law firm and it certainly isn’t going to happen now that we have the formula to successful personal injury settlements.

Starting by getting you and your family into treatment for your personal injuries, we then turn our attention towards developing a winning case on your behalf. Solidifying any and all evidence and testimonies on your behalf to ensure your situation will only be fixed since you enlisted with us. Once you put time into us, we will gladly put our time into you.

Our time is valuable. However, our clients will not pay for our time unless we win their case. Unlike other attorneys, we get paid only if you get paid and only off of contingency. Instead of an hourly lawyer, you don’t have to worry about paying costly up-front fees in order to get us to do something for you. We gladly jump at the opportunity to defeat an insurance company and factor our fees into the settlement, so you still pay nothing out of pocket for us.

You need the best lawyers in Texas to be in your corner fighting for you with the insurance. Your medical bills need to be paid, and we know just how to get funds for them. Hesitating will only delay your case and lower your chances of maximum compensation. Call us now at (214) 526-7900 or submit your case evaluation information here.