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Just south of the largest reservoir in Texas, Lake Texoma, Sherman Texas is known for the champion bass fishing that occurs here. Sherman also claims home to Texas Instruments headquarters. With big corporations that have come into this city and few that have left, Sherman still remains to be quite the busy city.

With all the business that takes place here, there is also one thing that takes place in abundance as well, especially off of State Highway 75. Hundreds of accidents happen in Sherman every single year and the numbers only consistently rise more and more as populations continue to rise in the Dallas suburbs. Not only do accidents continue to happen, but people are continuously being severely injured by these accidents.

Instead of going in all alone with life-altering injuries that you or your loved ones have acquired, call the DFW Metroplex auto collision attorneys at Reyes and Associates. Our firm is an award-winning home of a band of Super Lawyers that don’t take that title very lightly. We’re proud to announce that we serve not only the entire state of Texas, but that includes the dedicated and hard-working citizens of Sherman.

We handle any case presiding over personal injuries or catastrophic loss. Motorists are capable of handling the property damage portion of the insurance claims, but when it comes to personal injuries and catastrophic loss, a lawyer is your best investment. Not only will we tenaciously fight for you, but we also won’t take any compensation from you for our services unless we win your fight against the driver’s insurance company.

We know what your case is worth. Since we’ve been doing this for 30 years, we’ve kept ourselves up to date on all things personal injury claim related. It’s our specialty and when our specialties can help those in need, we’re going to deliver as our success rate is currently set at 98%. We focus on more things than just your medical bills as well.

  • Investigating your case and the accident scene
  • Securing the police report even if you are struggling to do so.
  • Gathering all evidence pertaining to your case and preserving it in case of a trial.
  • Locating and interviewing any and all witnesses to testify on your behalf as well as the best medical professionals.
  • Calculating your case worth from your missed work, expenses, and your pain and suffering.

Our car accident lawyers represent all of Texas, including Sherman. The Reyes Browne Reilley law firm has had its doors open for over 30 years. Handling cases of any magnitude that preside within the realm of personal injury or catastrophic loss.

We feel that these are some of the most often injustices that are carried out on a daily basis so we continue to work hard to hold insurance companies to the standard they claim they’re going to maintain.

You can be in control of your future and how your accident is handled. Why pay for something you shouldn’t have to because someone else made the mistake? Let the professionals handle it to your highest level of satisfaction. Call Reyes Browne Reilley today for your 100% free consultation at (214) 526-7900.