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Neha A. of Forney, Texas, shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our expert DFW car accident lawyers while helping her recover from damages stemming from a three-car-pile-up car wreck on Hwy 635.

“This has been the best experience with this law firm. I did not expect it to be done this fast.”

“So, basically my accident happened in September. September 12th of 2017. I was actually traveling. We were moving from Dallas to the Forney area, so my sister and I were driving. I was the passenger. We just got off of 635 onto another highway going 80 East, trying to get on the ramp when we had stopped because of the traffic, and someone hit us on the back and then they were hit by another car, so it was a three-car accident. We were the first one. And been through the accident, thought that it was just minor damage, thought maybe just the car is totaled. We would be fine. My sister went through a little bit of pain. I went through some pain here and there. First time we realized and thought that probably don’t need to see a doctor.

It kept on going that I continuously had pain over time. Had some swelling and sore. So, a month later I decided to go to a chiropractor and found out that I really need to get my procedure started because I was having some severe back pain. And the doctor recommended that I should go with an attorney, which I didn’t believe him and I was like, “I’ve had a bad experience and don’t want to go through another attorney.” And he said that this is the best route, otherwise, I would have to pay out of pocket for my medical expense.

I went with whatever he had mentioned and recommended and went with Reyes Law Firm. Finally, this is April 11th and throughout the whole process, I have been up to date with getting all the details of the status of my case, and got my full care with different medical teams. Just still in shock as to how this happened so fast and everything is so taken care of. I have all the documentation. I have all the details of the case, which has never happened before. So, this has been the best experience with this law firm. I did not expect it to be done this fast. Thank you.”

Do what Neha did – research reviews before you decide who should fight the insurance company on your injury claim.

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