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Nothing beats a small Texan town with a quality school system and that down-home country-style grit that goes along with the small-town community. Trophy Club Texas; a town that sits just along the North suburb line of Fort Worth. The best of both worlds doesn’t even begin to describe Trophy Club. In order to truly feel the tight-knit community, one must immerse themselves right into the middle. Trophy Club truly exemplifies the small-town attitude Texas loves.

With a small town comes a very difficult situation. Most people know each other fairly well. When this happens, an individual may get hurt and need medical attention at the fault of someone they know. These incidences are not uncommon. When they arise, those medical bills can be expensive. How do Trophy Club citizens get those medical bills paid for? By finding an attorney to help them with the insurance company.

A city with an award in its name deserves to have a world-class award-winning personal injury law firm serving the citizens of Trophy Club. There is none better than represent Trophy Club than the dedicated professionals of the Angel Reyes and Associates Law Group. The law firm has more awards, success, and respect than any other law firm in the DFW area.

When enlisting in our attorneys, we often get people that begin to feel as if they wouldn’t want to hire an attorney. We understand the concern, but rest assured, the move to hire our legal professionals is the best move you can make after you have suffered an injury at the hands of someone else being negligent or reckless.

When it comes to recovering a financial package to take care of your medical bills and lost wages, we take that seriously. Insurance companies do not. Their goal is to minimize your claim and your suffering to the point where they can pay out as little as possible and get away with it. Most people that go after insurance companies on their own only get a fraction of the amount they truly deserve, if they receive anything at all.

Our lawyers have been practicing personal injury law for nearly three decades. Since the early 90s, we have developed a 98% success rate. This allows us to feel confident going into any personal injury case. On top of that, we have also helped thousands of clients recover a total amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial restitution funds for their bills and losses. You too can have that kind of success in recovering your rightful funds.

Developing a systematic approach to every personal injury case has given us the key to success. A winning formula that allows us to place a confident bet in ourselves. That’s why we don’t charge any of our clients a dime unless we win their case. No fees to be paid to attorneys unless they complete the job they were tasked to complete. Call us today to get our attorneys put to work for you at (214) 526-7900 and schedule your 100% free consultation. We are here to work for you and your rightful compensation.