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One of the quietest cities in all North Texas, The Colony has kept their city a relatively hidden gem away from the rest of the public. From their quiet neighborhoods to their excellent shopping and eateries around town, The Colony has a particular way of life that is only truthfully known by the citizens who blissfully call this city their home.

Something that has been able to sneak past the public and become a well-known fact in The Colony, as well as every other suburban city in North Texas is trucking traffic leading to horrific and violent truck wrecks with innocent citizens. When citizens of The Colony go through traumatic wrecks like this, they are left in quite a deal of pain. The only way to heal that pain the proper way comes with a call to the top-rated truck wreck injury law firm in The Colony.

The Reyes Browne Reilley law group is organized to be the peak performing truck accident law firm in DFW. Not only do our attorneys work tirelessly for our clients, but we consistently receive more substantial compensation for the injuries and future losses on behalf of our clients who have suffered a great deal following their truck wreck mishap.

With nearly 30 years of personal injury legal services under our belts, we have an extremely unique vantage point over the entire legal field. This vantage point allows us to know just what each potential case that comes across our hotlines is potentially worth. Truck wreck injuries are of some of the highest in case value and insurance companies certainly know it. With a 98% success rate in battling the insurance companies after truck wrecks left the innocent with injuries, we deliver on our promises to get work done for you.

You deserve the highest-rated injury attorneys at the best price. You can certainly have the best of both worlds with our firm. With us, you do not have to worry about paying for our services throughout the course of your case. Instead, we only charge a contingency fee only if we have won your case for you! On top of that, we only take a small portion of what we win for you so you never pay us out of pocket. That small portion only comes from the insurance and usually is an added expense we demand they pay to you.

With our expert legal team at your side, your case is 100% safe. We will take care of everything from helping you set up appointments for medical treatment near your home or near your work, whichever is more convenient for you, to handling any and all paperwork and legal document filings you need for the lawsuit. You can rest easy knowing our team has the job completely covered for you.

The only thing you must do is begin. To begin is a simple one-step process: call us now to have a 100% complimentary case evaluation. Our staff is waiting for your call 24/7 and will always be available to you at (214) 526-7900.