Why You Should Contact a Plano Truck Wreck Lawyer If You’re Injured

The people who make their living driving commercial vehicles have a significant responsibility to the other drivers with whom they share the road. The same is true of the companies that employ those drivers. Whether a driver is an independent contractor or is working as an employee of a transportation company, you should contact a Plano truck accident lawyer if you have been injured by any type of commercial vehicle. This applies to 18-wheelers, buses, cargo vehicles or any other type of commercial vehicle. Here are some of the signs that you need to get in touch with a skilled Dallas truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

You’ve Been Offered Compensation

In some cases, to avoid a lawsuit, a commercial firm will offer you compensation for an accident soon after it occurs. The problem with taking this compensation is that it usually means you can’t go after them in court, and in many cases, the compensation is not going to be adequate for the injuries and property damage that you sustained.

Remember that some of the injuries you suffered in an accident may have consequences that aren’t apparent in the immediate aftermath. What seems like a minor injury could end up being a lifelong problem that could significantly impact your ability to make a living or just enjoy your life.

A Plano truck wreck lawyer will know if you’re being offered compensation that is far too low. They can help you negotiate more compensation or, if necessary, they’ll be perfectly willing to take that trucking company to court to make sure that you get a chance to make them pay what they justly owe you.

The Trucker Violated the Law

While the majority of truck drivers out there are very good at their jobs, there are examples of negligence to be found among their number. If you believe that the trucker violated the law and, in particular, if the accident reports from the scene of the crash reflect that, you need to contact a Plano truck wreck lawyer.

Remember that not all violations of the law will be obvious to you as the victim. There are very detailed laws that govern how truckers do their jobs. By taking a look at the report from the scene of the accident and other evidence, a Plano truck wreck lawyer can determine whether or not the driver, the company that employed the driver, the company that leased the vehicle or any other entity involved in your accident violated the law and that can serve as very good grounds for filing a lawsuit.

Even if You Don’t Have Money

When you’re looking at going after a trucking company, if you’re a rational person the first thing that’s going to go through your mind is the fact that these companies are generally set up with good legal representation and likely have a lot more money than you to fight out a claim in court. Even if you don’t have money, don’t think that means you don’t have rights.

Our attorneys will take these cases on contingency. If they don’t win you compensation, you don’t pay them. The consultation is free. If you feel like you have been wronged by a trucking company, a truck driver or some other entity and you don’t know where to turn, give us a call. We can sit down with you, discuss the particulars of your case and, if you have good cause to sue, we may be able to help you get compensation in court.

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