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You see a semi-truck pass by you on the road and feel wind change as the massive trailer towers over you giving you some anxiety and fear. Semi-truck drivers have an excessively big responsibility to the public when it comes to being safe on the roads. Everyone understands the tragic consequences that can occur after a semi-truck accident. Serious injuries are often life-altering and even life-threatening following a semi-truck accident. When you or a loved one experiences devastating injuries due to a run-in with one of these rigs, you need to call a Dallas truck accident lawyer to help you get what you deserve.

Semi-trucks have much more weight, size, and inertia with every movement they make. CDL drivers must pay close attention to the road and the vehicles around them to avoid all potential accidents. Should they come in contact with a normal-sized vehicle, the weight and size can quickly destroy anything in its path. Semi-truck drivers who make even the slightest mistakes can have exceptionally large costs to pay to the individuals they harm due to their inattentive behavior. This is why they have insurance with higher policy limits to assist these individuals.

What Should I Do After a Semi-Truck Accident?

If you get into an 18-wheeler accident in Dallas, after calling the police and seeking medical attention for your injuries, your best choice is to call our truck crash lawyers at Reyes Browne Reilley. We specialize in filing personal injury lawsuits against a trucking company and their insurance in the event a driver of theirs injured you in a wreck.

Your mounting injuries will cost thousands of dollars that you may not be equipped financially to pay for them. Many people understand that after an accident with a truck, you would simply go to their insurance. You’re taught to believe the insurance company is the good guy. Instead, they will meet you with pushback immediately as you file a claim on your own.

Insurance companies are not easy to deal with. After your accident you may be stranded and looking for help while they slow-walk the entire process. Their goal is to force you to either wait to get treatment, pay for the treatment up-front, or deny your ability to recover your claim. The worst part is, it was their client’s fault you are in pain.

You deserve to treat your injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our car accident lawyers, we will not only help you with the legal side of your case, but we will also help you with the personal side of things you need following your injury-riddled accident. Our team can help you receive the best possible care from the top medical professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Non-Economic Damages

Some injuries are so severe your life may never fully recover from a tractor-trailer accident. However, we will be sure that you receive the proper compensation you deserve for that loss of life fulfillment and mental anguish you will deal with for the rest of your life. It was not your fault you have these injuries, but you deserve every right to seek justice for the wrongdoings of the one who caused you harm.

These damages can be for many things you have lost out on due to the accident. Often personal injury lawsuits just go after medical bills. However, we feel you deserve more for what else you might be missing out on in life. Losing a limb, loss of quality of life, and even constant anguish are considered non-economic damages.

Insurers will often try to pay out small sums of money quickly to prevent you from filing a lawsuit. They do this to avoid paying you what you actually deserve. They realize commercial liability policies for these cases have high maximum policy limits. Insurers recognize how much your accident is going to cost them. Their next move is to refuse to pay you what you deserve to have all your economic and non-economic damages compensated. Our presence and skilled litigation tactics help ensure you receive fair treatment and payment.

Hiring a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney to Handle the Hassles

For many, this tactic of a quick settlement is insulting. Especially considering you would not even know the extent of your injuries after you have completed treatment. Receive what you deserve and hire the best attorneys who will fight tirelessly on your behalf for what you deserve. We put our money where our mouth is. We do not take a dime for our services unless we have won your case for you. You have no risk in pursuing your case against the insurance company. Our team can help alleviate much of your stress from your shoulders during the process.

All you need to start of your case is to have a conversation with the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley. One call to our team for a 100% free consultation will get the ball rolling on your case. Call us now at (214) 526-7900.