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The bubble of a suburb inside the city of Dallas poses as a quaint, pleasant, and beautiful city within a city. Within the entire Dallas area, University Park may just be the best city to live if you’re looking for a quiet and scenic inner-city experience unlike any other.

One thing that University Park hasn’t been able to fix in order to make their city an entirely complete utopia is the negligent actions of individuals affecting those that have no business being involved. Essentially, someone else’s behavior has caused injuries to another. If this has happened to you, you are going to need legal assistance to get the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Life can turn into a nightmare after you get injured, that is why our Dallas personal injury attorneys are here to help you at our offices of Angel Reyes and Associates. Fighting for your rightful compensation so you don’t have to worry about anything along the way is our main priority. However, while we execute that action to perfection, your physical and emotional recovery is being executed to perfection as well. A full-service law firm is the right law firm for you and your family.

Many individuals from the University Park area are capable of handling their own medical bills. However, you still shouldn’t have to do that when someone else was the reason you required medical attention in the first place. Their insurance company will refuse to pay you out what you deserve and that is one thing that usually deters people from wanting to pursue legal action. That is where we come in.

Our lawyers proudly have taken the reigns from our clients to lead the charge to a full financial and physical recovery for the last 30 years. We make your entire pursuit process that much easier by doing absolutely everything for you with the best results. The lawyers at our firm have a cumulative 98% success rate over nearly three decades of serving not only the people of University Park but all of Texas.

We work hard for our clients at Reyes Browne Reilley. It is also important to us that they see the full benefits of our law firm. That’s why we do not collect any fees for our attorneys unless we win your case. Even then, we don’t charge a fee for a consultation, so you have nothing to lose by simply calling us. Our lawyers also don’t charge based on the hour; hourly lawyers can become incredibly expensive.

Being affordable, caring, and the highest quality lawyers around make your personal injury process that much easier and also allows you to get back to your former glory with far less hassle than if you decided to work on it alone, or with another law firm.

You can reach out to us to get your case started by calling (214) 526-7900 or even by submitting your case evaluation information through our secure website submission form here.