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Since the city’s incorporation, Watauga has been steadily growing and becoming a very pleasant and prosperous city in North Texas. Located just outside of Fort Worth, Watauga has the best of both worlds with a small-town feel but close enough to a big city to get those benefits as well.

One downfall to having the best of both worlds comes with the big city side. In a big city, you often see too many people rushing around and not paying close enough attention to their surroundings. Those people end up injuring others or even accidentally killing them in the process. Whether it be from a car or truck wreck, or even a dangerous job site incident. People get injured severely or die at an alarming rate in bigger city environments.

Those people that experience these injustices oftentimes don’t know what they’re potentially entitled to compensation for their medical bills. Those that get the maximum compensation settlements or jury verdicts go to the DFW personal injury attorneys and speak with the law offices of Reyes Browne Reilley and the legal staff. This staff is full of friendly professionals that are at the height of the personal injury practice. Operating at the highest capability gives you the best chance at your maximum recovery.

The citizens of Watauga know that legal proceedings can seem difficult and incredibly stressful. We’re here to actually inform you that’s a very common misconception when it comes to personal injury claims. Hiring our law firm would be the smartest move you could make when trying to get the rightful recovery that you deserve. Why are we different?

Our law firm is incredibly different from others. We have a reputation with insurance companies as well as a reputation among the public to operate in a highly professional and efficient manner. For the last 30 years, our law firm has compiled thousands of cases that have given us a 98% success rate. This allows our clients to feel completely comfortable knowing they’re placing their case in the best capable hands.

Some may say that hiring an attorney is incredibly expensive. That’s also another misconception. When fighting the insurance, you ought to know how affordable our law firm actually is. We don’t charge any of our clients a fee for their confidential consultation with our legal staff.

In fact, you wouldn’t get charged a dime until after the case is over. Once the case is over, you only pay us if we win. Winning a case also allows us to factor your attorney’s expenses into the amount the insurance will payout. In reality, the insurance company is paying us for you.

Getting stuck in a rut after a car accident injury, slip and fall injury, or even wrongful death of a close family member can be incredibly taxing. We’re here to take all avenues into consideration when fighting for your cause. You deserve justice and we’re going to help you get it.

Call our law firm today for your 100% free and confidential consultation. We’re able to be reached 24/7. You can get ahold of us by dialing (214) 526-7900 into your mobile phone or even submitting your details of the incident on our website.