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From their down-home country rustic lifestyle to the exciting and oftentimes overwhelmingly close proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth, Waxahachie truly does have the best of both worlds. Small town feelings are quite different when it comes to being just outside the interior ring of suburbs of North Texas. However, Waxahachie is truly lucky in where their town has expanded to being so close to the excitement as well as being far away enough to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Something that always tends to upset the peace and quiet of a Waxahachie citizen is when they experience traumatic injuries from a violent truck wreck. Especially when the trucker was the one who should be held liable for their injuries. When a trucker’s insurance company gives you the runaround, you need to reach out to a highly experienced litigation team for truck accidents.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth truck accident attorneys are here to help you make life much better than your current outlook. The problem with insurance companies is they never want to pay you what you properly deserve. When this happens, you will likely be forced to only obtain a very small fraction of what you need and deserve to treat and recover from your injuries.

For three decades our staff has been practicing and specializing in injury law related to truck wrecks and automobile accidents. We have also accumulated a 98% success rate which is higher than any other law firm around the DFW area. Our firm believes that quality service to those who need it will allow us to have more business being brought to us by people who were satisfied with us. We are proud to announce that we have more repeat clients, previous client referrals, and current client referrals than any other law firm in Texas.

The insurance company has one overall objective when it comes to accidents caused by their client who has commercial-sized policies with them; protect profits at all costs. This means they will go to the furthest extent to either prove the accident was your fault even when it wasn’t, you are not injured even when you are, or your claims are unreasonable even though they certainly are well within reason.

You deserve to have your voice heard and your injuries compensated for someone else’s wrongdoings. Our team will help you carry out this goal at a very reasonable rate. In fact, so reasonable, all our previous clients say they didn’t pay us a dime out of pocket. We operate on a contingency fee, this means we do not get paid unless we win your case for you. There are no up-front costs to you whatsoever, not even on your initial private consultation with one of our legal experts.

The only thing standing in the way of you getting your rightful compensation is a quick and painless phone call to our dedicated legal support staff. To begin your private consultation, call us now at (214) 526-7900 where our staff is waiting for 24/7 to help you back on the road to recovery.