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My family recommended the Law firm to me. They have used them several times and are highly satisfied with the work they have done for them. All the staff makes it their duty to not make clients very well taken care of.Paralegal Ruth Mota really did a FANTASTIC job at keeping me in the loop with everything and always made sure my treatments were working for me. She checked in periodically. I really appreciate the work she did and all the effort she put into my case as well as the attorneys. I myself highly recommend the firm and if you can ask for Ruth to handle your case as well!
Before I decided to go with this law firm I first, prayed then I checked their google reviews (That was my confirmation). Tim handled my case and I must say I'm well pleased!! Let me tell you about my experience. This firm was professional, efficient, RETURNED my phone calls within 24 hours and timely with updates regarding my case. Another teammate I want to recognize is Nathan, ( He deserve a raise or a promotion) why you might asked?? He's polite, diligent, very knowledgeableabout my case and was available every time I called to and answer any questions.So if you're looking for the BEST law firm in Dallas look no more. I highly recommend this law firm, tell them April sent you!!
If you’re looking for a firm that will fight for you when others want to settle, go see these guys! The whole team was great, and the experience that the team provides shows that they truly care. Frank in the litigation department made the already smooth experience even smoother. He was there to answer any and all questions.
What an excellent experience my family and I had with this law firm. We were in a terrible accident involving a semi truck that wrecked and released cows onto the highway. Thanks to the attorney we were able to settle for a good amount. They have many helpful people working for them. Gracie is awesome!
My experience with the firm was great! They kept me informed throughout the whole process and always answered all of my questions. The Accounting department was able to send my money to my bank without any delays and I greatly appreciated Melissa’s assistance in making sure she had all of my information. Jocelyn went above and beyond by making sure I had all of the documents to sign prior to my meeting with her. I will definitely reach out them in the future.
Just would like to give a shout out Dusty Smith and the Reyes team. My experience with this firm was everything more then i expected. They took over my case from a previous attorney, and i say they came in and did they thing. Communication was on point. Mr Smith was always just a call away. Speaking to a actual attorney is so important, it beats being pass around the customer service team. I thank Reyes and Mr Smith team, for making this a stress free experience. Highly recommend. If u looking for a fast, easy process... Get with D.Smith and let him work his magic.. Thanks
Mr. Reilley was very professional during the entire process. I am thankful I had the help of the law firm. The outcome was by far better than what I had expected. I found Mr. Reilley to be very understanding and they ended up going above and beyond for desired results. I found the firm to be helpful. Also Mr. Barragan, case manager, is long tenured with the firm and his understanding and work is much appreciated. Thank you, Jake Long. Arlington, Texas.
Spencer and Alex were very great with my case, although communication lacked at points it was very worth it at the end. Spencer helped reduce a big medical bill I had (maybe $60k +) which was super helpful considering I’m only 21 years old and that bill was such a big amount for me to pay. They also informed me they would be starting to text clients on updates with their cases in order to help with communication.
This Law firm, and in particular the lawyer Ryan Browne, was excellent in keeping me informed, updated and even encouraging me to call them whenever I had any questions.Efficient, compassionate, and successful makes this firm OUTSTANDING!Please---when you want the best know that this firm IS THE BEST.Thom W Cunningham
My experience there Was simple and fast it took a little while for the settlement, but they got it done. Very respected people in that office Their visits are normally quick in and out. They will get the job done. They will inform you every time. Experience there was a 10. This was my first time with them didn't have no problems. 👍👍
I would highly recommend this law firm ! I had an accident Jan of 2019. Someone rear ended me on 380 going 60mph with my 2 kids in the car within 2 days I was seeing doctors within their network. I never paid anything out of pocket ! They are great about giving updates .. fighting with insurance companies .. overall great compassion towards my case ! Judy and my lawyer spencer are amazing !!! They closed out my case quick ! I would definitely recommend them !! Thank you !!
The law office did an amazing job handling my case. They were sure to communicate with me about the process and any timelines. They kept me updated on the progress and any new developments. They helped me get my car fixed without having to pay for any damages. I would highly recommend this team! Many thanks to the whole team!!
First and foremost,I want to say not only was my experience with Dusty and this law firm exceptional, but I truly felt in my heart the compassion each staff member displayed towards me every encounter I received. This was my first accident I was involved in and I would recommend anyone to this law firm. Thank you Dusty for sharing your story with me about your grandfather, I know he is truly proud of you and the man you've became. My experience with you all was well worth the call and time towards my case.Reyes Brown Reilley Law Firm you are appreciated and thank you for allowing my experience too be stress free.
. Angel Reyes is a fantastic law firm that puts their clients needs first. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Paralegal Q in many capacities for personal injury related cases. Her timeliness, attention to detail and strong work ethic is unmatched compared to many other paralegals I have worked with in the past. I would highly recommend Paralegal Q
Our family always chooses to work with Reyes Browne Reilley. They are professional and keep great communication. Ruth is always available to answer any questions or concerns we may have. She’s a sweetheart. Timothy has handled most of our cases and he is a great attorney! Will continue to recommend to all my family and friends.
Elena was very comforting when speaking with me. She showed great concern and empathy for what I had gone through. She wàs very patient, she took her time to listen to me. Her voice was so soothing and calming, she made me feel important and that everything was going to be taken care of. I felt that God had led me to your law firm. After Jim Adler refused to take my case, I googled other accident injury lawyer's and that's when I found you. God is so good! Thank you all so much for your help.
This was my first accident and hopefully my last. I was really naive to the process and the attorneys and team here really educated me on the process and made sure that my getting back healthy was a priority by helping me with finding medical providers and assisting me with any questions that I had. Who knew a random Google search on my worst day could have made this process easier. I received more than I expected in the settlement. Thank you Dusty for fighting me. Thank you to the entire Reyes, Brown , Reilley team for looking out for me.
I would like to give a big thank you to this amazing Law Firm. They are so knowledgeable in what they do, and very courteous. They responded to every email that I sent in a timely manner and I wouldn’t recommend no one but them. The lawyer Tim Reilley was the best and he work with an amazing team. Thank you to Marina as well. Thank you all so much.
Throughout the process of my case, I worked with Spencer Browne and his legal assistant, Jennifer, the most. I have never truly felt so well taken care of in my life, outside of my family and doctors. This is a truly down-to-earth, caring, and generous group of people working together to help people like me. I never thought that I would need an attorney, but when I was injured in an accident caused by another vehicle whose insurance failed to take responsibility, I am so thankful that someone led me to Reyes, Browne, and Reilley. They helped me get the money I needed to get out of all the medical debt and bills that had piled up. I will forever be grateful to them for the time and effort that took with me and my case.
I couldn't be more happier with my experience dealing with this firm. They answered all my questions and handled my case perfectly. I hope I never get into another accident but if I ever do I will use them again and refer them to anyone who needs them. Everyone I spoke with was nice and respectfully professional.
One of the best paralegals out there is Q she is fantastic, company did a great job with hiring someone so great! She’s very professional and made me feel very welcomed most of all she PAYS ATTENTION TO DETAILS! Her services are amazing! If you ever need a paralegal, she’s a definite recommendation! Thank you for helping me!
After being involved in a rear end accident and having my car totalled I was at a loss and didn't know what to do. I was referred to Reyes Law and had the best experience ever. I didn't have to worry about anything. My case manager Ms. Judy kept me up to date about everything as the case dragged on. I was never left out the loop. I would definitely recommend Reyes Law to anyone and everyone and would definitely come back if I ever needed to.
I will really recommend reyes law firm! Any time i had a question about my case they would give me a call the same day! I got the perfect treatment for my injuries. I have used reyes law firm for 2 of my car accidents & I definitely do not regret! If you are looking for a lawyer definitely contact them!
Recently I have worked with Daisy and Marco, they both have been very professional and very kind to me. They have been responsive as I directed communication to each of them. Most recently it has been Daisy I have communicated with the most. Again she responds quickly to my questions, explanations given well and I cannot thank her enough!Another comment, they both have taken the time to speak with me on the phone, I never feel rushed. Texts have their value, communication via person to person is invaluable!!Many thanks to my Team!
This is the most amazing experience. Reyes and Browne have definitely treated me well as if I were family. I would recommend them to anyone who has experienced a minor to serious car accident. I trusted them with the entire process and they didn’t let me down. They went above and beyond with exceptional results. Great staff and place overall five stars isn’t enough to show my gratitude.
I have had 2 cases with the Reyes Browne Reilley Law firm. I have always been very please with the work the paralegals and attorneys have done. They go above and beyond for their clients.Paralegal Marco is in charge of a case for my mother. He has done a fantastic job at making sure my my elderly mother understands what is going on with her case. He is very responsive and always reaches back out immediately. He is very punctual! He is not in charge of my case but I really do appreciate how he is handling my mothers case!Paralegal Ruth Mota was very attentive and always followed up with and questions or concerns I had.Paralegal "Q" (sorry I do not remember her entire name) was great. she called regularly to ask how I was doing as a client and as an individual.The law firm does a great job as making you feel like more than just another client.I would very much recommend the firm to anyone looking for a personal injury law firm.
Although the case itself was unusual and frustrating, my experience with the law firm was great. I will definitely use you in the future should a situation arise. Spencer was amazing at the Mediation. The process and time was very comfortable as we enjoyed some good talks during the times the mediator was going back and forth. Thank you for making this experience such a positive one. I appreciate you all for being so cordial during the entire process. Stay safe, stay healthy.
I couldn't be more happier with my experience dealing with this firm. They answered all my questions and handled my case perfectly. I hope I never get into another accident but if I ever do I will use them again and refer them to anyone who needs them. Everyone I spoke with was nice and respectfully professional.
I was in a car accident and the other parties insurance was not getting back to me and making it very difficult for me. I contacted Reyes Browne Reilley and they handled everything perfectly and quickly. I am so happy with the work that they’ve done. I hopefully won’t have to be back for a while. But if I do, I'll definitely go to them!
From the intake call to settlement, Spencer Browne and the Reyes Browne & Reilley team were always responsive, informative, helpful and professional after our accident and injuries. The firm made sure we were well taken care of by medical providers and also made a daunting process seem easy. The difference between Reyes Browne & Reilley and other firms is the alignment of interests. If you don’t receive money, they don’t receive money. I would give the firm more stars if I could.
My case was not an easy case but Mr Reilley fought for what I deserved! It was a bumpy road but a great experience. Definitely recommend Reyes Browne Reilley for any personal/legal matter. He’s very professional, if there is any miss understanding he’s there to listen and work with you to make sure the outcome of your situation is “without a doubt” in your best interest. Thank you Mr. Reilley for being an open minded professional with my best interests in mind.
First and foremost,I want to say not only was my experience with Dusty and this law firm exceptional, but I truly felt in my heart the compassion each staff member displayed towards me every encounter I received. This was my first accident I was involved in and I would recommend anyone to this law firm. Thank you Dusty for sharing your story with me about your grandfather, I know he is truly proud of you and the man you've became. My experience with you all was well worth the call and time towards my case.Reyes Brown Reilley Law Firm you are appreciated and thank you for allowing my experience too be stress free.
I have been working with this law firm for about a year and through that year they met every need I needed. I wouldn't go to any other law firm if I had an accident. The staff is very sweet and very helpful. There is so much good to say that I cant even type because it's so long. I DEFFINENTLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!! Thank you so much for helping me through this journey/process!!!
We were injured in an auto accident and didn't realize we would need a lawyer. However, this firm was always honest and upfront with all parts of our case. We had never been through anything like this and they made the process easy and comfortable. They worked with our schedules and needs. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs an awesome law team.
I love this law firm! It’s amazing! I’m very pumped. Incredibly friendly and fun loving staff! Love love love love! I had another case going on with another law firm simultaneously with my case that I signed with RBR, and the case with this law firm has progressed significantly faster and with a much better result! Highly recommend!
After a car accident left me completely broken and unable to walk temporarily Mr. Browne was in my corner fighting for me when I could not. Him and his staff was always available to answer any questions I had. They were available to pick me up and take me to my appointments no questions asked. I was very impressed with the outcome and I'm more impressed with how friendly everyone working on my case was. I want to give a special thanks to David so professional and a patient. I will miss him...
I love this Law firm because the minute I spoke to someone I knew I was in great hands. Mr. Spencer wasted no time along with Marina and Christian getting me registered into a chiropractor that was close to where I lived. When the time came to settle Mr Spencer went far and beyond to make sure I received the fairest amount I should receive. My experience with this law firm was amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone who has been in an accident.
The staff here is very professional and gets back to you quickly. The attorney was very helpful and was able to get my questions answered and help to find solutions and options. Their paralegal was extremely informative and worked hard to make sure I got everything I needed. I would recommend this firm!
Wow this is the greatest attorneys office. They were very helpful and took care of all my needs as quickly as possible. My lawyer’s team were always available for me to call whenever I needed assistance. Five stars, because I would refer them to my family and friends. If you ever have an insurance case and you need assistance. Call this firm, they’re great people and offer even better service.
I received a call from Dusty today to tell me that he was working hard on the case. He let me know what the other insurance company was offering and that he wasn’t going for it. He felt my case was worth more and that he would continue to fight for more. My case is still open and I’m very interested to see what the outcome will be. Thanks Dusty
My first in-person encounter was with Mr. Marco of this law firm & was met with such delight. Over the phone, Marco listened attentively, & responded professionally. In-person, My concern was met with patience & sincerity. The outcome of my inquiry was highly satisfying. I will happily recommend Reyes Law Firm to others . Liz A.

The path to take after an injury due to another’s negligence can be daunting.  For nearly three decades, Angel Reyes and the attorneys at The Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm have been aggressively pursuing justice for clients in Texas and beyond.  We understand the challenges you face, and we are here to help.  Many law firms may make that claim, so how do you know who to trust?

Our Record of Success & Reputation:

Our entire law firm is proud of the stellar reputation The Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm has earned in our 30 years.  We are BBB A+ Rated, and our attorneys are members of esteemed organizations such as Million Dollar Advocates Forum (Angel L. Reyes and Timothy Reilley), peer-rated as “Distinguished” by Martindale (Reyes Browne Reilley as a law firm), a member of American Board of Trial Advocates (Spencer Browne), and Angel L. Reyes’ Avvo.com rating is 10.0 – Superb!

Our client reviews and client video testimonial pages are filled with hundreds of real, satisfied client reviews and videos from people just like you.

Thinking of trusting that ‘TV Lawyer’?  Try searching that attorney’s name on Google, but add the word ‘complaints’ to their name.  The results will be an eye-opener.

Insurance Companies Know We Mean Business

Many of the law firms seen on TV are known as ‘settlement mills’ because of their high case volume and reputation of settling cases too quickly, without being prepared to take the case to court on your behalf.  Here in Texas, we call that bluffing.  Insurance companies know which personal injury law firms are good at writing demand letters, and which law firms are prepared to take injury cases to court.  At The Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm, we prepare every injury case as if it was going to be tried in a court of law, and we file suit on more than half of our retained cases.  If you were an insurance company, which firm would you take more seriously? A letter-writing, bluffing law firm or a law firm you know will take you to court?

Free Initial Visit / Consultation:

There is never a fee for initial case consultation with us.  Before you decide to hire our law firm, take advantage of a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation.  Make an informed, no-pressure decision on whether to move forward with your case – all at no cost.

We Can Come To See You:

In the aftermath of an accident, due to serious injury or other issues, a client may be unable to visit us or speak with us over the phone.  If you are unable to visit us or handle your case consultation over the phone, we will arrange for an attorney or staff member to visit you.

No Fees Unless We Win:

We at The Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm understand the severe hardships caused by an accident.  Attorney fees will not be collected until we are able to win a recovery on your behalf.  When the time finally comes to collect a fee for our services – it will be fair, without surprises, and only a percentage of what we win for you!  We promise no hidden fees or conditions.

Disclaimer: Under our contingency fee arrangement, no recovery = no fee. Clients are obligated for payment of court costs and expenses after attorney fees are calculated, regardless of recovery/settlement amount.  However – If we lose your case, you owe us nothing, including any expenses incurred on your behalf.  You will not owe us a penny if we were unable to achieve a settlement on your behalf.

Personal Injury Is Our Only Practice:

You need a law firm that knows how to focus. Reyes Browne Reilley is a personal injury law firm.  Period.  We do not accept social security, immigration, criminal, family/divorce, and many other types of cases.  Our staff and resources are solely committed to helping injured people recover from the wrongdoing and carelessness of others.

Last, But Not Least – You Are The Boss:

We strive to provide each client with personalized, first-class service.  We will always treat you with respect, never keep you in the dark, and we will never settle your case without your permission. We will stay in touch at every point along the road to recovery.  This includes returning your call on the same day.