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Considered to be the fastest-growing city in America, Wylie Texas has quite a few large contributions to the DFW area during the area’s largest booming influx of new population in Texas history. Wylie is one of the best and brightest suburbs of Dallas for the common commuter, has even more cities for the citizens to find work on all sides of the suburb.

With Wylie being located in such a prime spot for citizens commuting to work, it has one downfall for this benefit. The constant increase in traffic on a daily basis makes the roads surrounding Wylie an absolute hazard to maneuver during their daily commute. With one person making the wrong move on the road, it could lead to you or your family member’s in a serious car accident causing severe injuries.

If you find yourself or a loved one at the mercy of a car accident injury, you need to make the decision to hire a DFW motor vehicle accident attorney at the specialized personal injury firm of Reyes Browne Reilley.

With the RBR family in your corner, you’ll feel 100% comfortable knowing that you’re in the top-rated hands in all of the DFW area. Reyes Browne Reilley serves not only Wiley but also the state of Texas as a whole on all thing’s personal injury matter. They do however specialize in motor vehicle accident injuries.

Your attorney at our firm can assist you far above and beyond what other attorneys can when dealing with the insurance companies. We’re not afraid to extend a hand to anyone that needs assistance in our communities.

You’re entitled to rightful compensation from the insurance companies and nobody is going to fight harder than our firm. Over the past 30+ years serving the communities of the DFW area, we have acquired a 98% success rate and maintained multiple Super Lawyer® statuses. Nobody is going to make sure you’ve reached your rightful compensation than we will.

With this experience, it gives us a unique ability to understand just what your case is worth from any information that you give us. We’re able to make sure that whatever your case is worth, we aren’t settling for less. Insurance companies train their employees to protect their profits at all costs when it comes to personal injuries.

Most consumers can handle the dealings of property damage, but insurance companies shut down their payouts as soon as you mention personal injuries. That means you’ll lose out on wages and savings trying to pay your medical bills they didn’t want to cover.

We keep our client’s best interests and financial situations at heart. If we’re not able to reach your successful conclusion to your case, we won’t charge you a dime for our services. You shouldn’t have to fear losing out on even more money while making attempts to seek the proper funds from the insurance companies.

You can feel absolutely comfortable knowing we don’t charge a dime up-front. Even for your consultation. We can’t help you unless you contact us, and everything is taken care of by us until we win. We also factor those additional payments into the settlement amount, so you always come out on top in the conclusion.

Don’t wait any longer. Get your free consultation with our top-rated professional legal staff that’s standing by 24/7 waiting for your case. We’ve got you covered more than anyone else will. We will look out for you like you are part of our family. Call us today to get started at (214) 526-7900.