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You can definitely sue if you were a passenger in a car accident. All people who suffer from injuries related to a car accident have the right to have those injuries taken care of when there is insurance involved. The biggest question you need to answer is: what insurance will be paying for my injuries?

The biggest hope from the start is that you have options. Having insurance which is valid and up to date on both sides of the car accident ensures you will be taken care of as an innocent bystander in one vehicle. Liability insurance has a minimum policy limit of $30,000 for personal injury. However, not all drivers on the road carry the minimum, or even carry insurance at all. Finding out your options in your situation as a passenger is especially important.

For instance, if another car hit the vehicle you were in while driving through a red light, or speeding, they would be responsible for your injuries. Having the other vehicle at fault typically gives you more options. In this case, you can sue both the opposing vehicle’s insurance, and the insurance held by the driver of the vehicle you were in as well. This ensures all your medical bills will fully be covered. In the case of a multiple vehicle accident, like a multi-car pileup, you may be able to pursue claims against each driver in the accident if your injuries are severe enough.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Deal With the Insurance Companies For You

The biggest problem you may have is with negotiating and dealing with each different insurance company to fairly receive what you deserve. With more cars does not necessarily mean more money, it just means you will have your medical bills taken care of properly when you work with top-rated Dallas car wreck lawyers.

Many times, passengers will refuse to file an injury claim with their driver’s insurance if their driver is at fault. This can be tricky as many passengers are typically friends or family with the individual behind the wheel. However, it’s important to remember you are not suing them directly, you are taking up a claim with their insurance company.

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While some of this may seem very confusing, we can make it simple: You deserve to seek medical treatment after sustaining injuries due to a car wreck. Our attorneys can certainly help you find that treatment and the payment for that treatment. If you have any other questions when it comes to passenger injuries following an accident, give Angel Reyes a call at (214) 526-7900.