How to Pick the Right Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Auto Accidents

In a Wreck? Call Your 5-Star Injury Lawyer - Angel Reyes

When a car wreck occurs, it doesn’t have to completely turn your life upside down. Now that you feel it’s turning that way, you’re turning to find the help you need. You know you’ll need a lawyer to help you fend off the third party insurance company from playing tricks on you. But which attorney should you get? You see plenty of them on television ads, billboards, and even sometimes in the newspaper. How do you know which lawyer you should pick to represent you and your case?

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Pedestrian Protestors Harmed By Violent Vehicles.

Public Safety

Drivers Running Over Protestors Potential for Personal Injury Claim - Reyes law blog

Can protestors file injury claims against the driver who hit them?

In wake of the George Floyd protests occurring all around the country, we find a new concern. During the protests that are occurring in busy cities are seeing an upward trend in hostility from those not involved in the protests. This hostility is being shown in the actions of drivers passing through the protestors in the streets at high rates of speed without stopping.

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Bicyclists At Higher Risk of Injury Due to COVID-19

Public Safety

Bicyclists At Higher Risks For Injuries Due to COVID-19 Pandemic -

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, more inexperienced cyclists are taking to the streets in order to exercise, just get out of the house, or even for their new way of commuting to save a little money during these tough times. Whatever the reason for the rising influx of bicycle accidents, there is very much so a cause for concern. In America, large cities have been trying to find new ways to keep bicycle riders safe. However, these efforts have proven to be frivolous in some cities, even in Dallas, Texas.

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Tough Times: Insurers in Trouble from Pressuring Politicians

In The News, Insurance

Tough Times for Insurers as Lawmakers Pressure for Consumer Relief - Reyes Law Firm

With COVID-19 having shut down most parts of America for nearly three weeks now, insurers are not immune to government pressure to help the general public. While everyone is looking for a job and an income, daily life is becoming harder to afford across the board. Massive layoffs have taken over during these unprecedented times and lawmakers are hoping insurance companies can do their part to help out.

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Elderly Falling Dangers: Solutions at the Ready

Elderly Falling & Technology - Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm

With the world continuing to become more technologically advanced by the minute, society as a whole has benefited tremendously. From medical advancement to the mass production of resources in order to sustain a much higher global population, technology has enabled us to grow exponentially. With that being said, one of the purest forms of bliss deriving from technological advancements has to be enabling independence as an individual gets older.

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The Very Real Dangers of Texting and Driving

Distracted Driving

The Very Real Dangers of Texting and Driving - Reyes Browne Reilley

If you were to explain just how dangerous texting and driving is to a teenager, what would you say? One solution would be to ask whether they would drive the length of a football field at 55mph blindfolded. It’s an accurate analogy, considering that the average time a driver takes their eyes off the road to use their smartphone is 4.6 seconds.

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