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Bryan of Dallas, Texas, shares his Reyes Browne Reilley experience and level of satisfaction with our staff and customer service while helping her recover from damages stemming from a car wreck in Dallas.

“My name’s Bryan Smith. About three years ago, I was injured in a car accident, and I was rear-ended and was very confused. When you’re in an accident, you don’t really know which way to go. And a very good friend of mine recommended Reyes Law Firm to help handle my case. They took over the case. They dealt with all the insurance companies and the situations I needed. And Kate brought the case to a very good conclusion. And I would highly recommend Reyes in the future.”

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bigstock-Pain-In-The-Hips-1676038-1024x768A federal jury in Dallas on Thursday ordered Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Orthopedics unit to pay $247 million to six patients who said they were injured by defective Pinnacle hip implants.

Delivering a third straight win to patients, the jury found that the metal-on-metal hip implants were defectively designed and that the companies failed to warn consumers about the risks.

Six New York residents implanted with the devices said they experienced tissue death, bone erosion and other injuries they blamed on design flaws.

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Hit-and-run accidents have been a growing problem in recent years. If a driver strikes another vehicle, occupied or not, and leaves the scene without alerting authorities or exchanging information with the other driver it is considered a hit-and-run.

The reasons for a hit and run incident can vary – not wanting to file an insurance claim, being uninsured or unlicensed, illegal substances or devices in the vehicle, or even the at-fault party attempting to hide from law enforcement for some reason.

Regardless of the reason, Texas state law requires drivers who are involved in an accident to stop. There can be serious consequences if someone chooses to leave the scene of an accident; especially when another driver is involved. Being involved in an accident can be a scary experience, but below are some tips that might help if you’re involved in a hit-and-run situation. The more details you can give to authorities, the better the chances of finding the other driving and holding them accountable.

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What is workplace sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of unwanted behaviors. This includes nonphysical harassment, including suggestive remarks and gestures, or requests for sexual favors. Physical harassment includes touches, hugs, kisses and coerced sex acts.

It can be perpetrated by anyone — a manager, a colleague, a client. The perpetrator or the recipient may be male or female. It does not need to occur inside the office. Your employer could still be responsible for investigating the incident and handling it appropriately.

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Sra. Rodriguez de Mesquite, Texas, nos dice como Angel Reyes y el personal de el Bufete de Abogados de Reyes Browne Reilley le ayudó a él recuperarse de daños sufridos de un accidente de auto.

“Sí, mi nombre es Nubia Rodríguez. Tuvimos un accidente y mi hija salió lastimada, Nubia Varela. Pero agarramos los abogados de Reyes y estamos muy contentos porque hoy cerramos el caso. Y les recomiendo, porque sí, todos me ayudaron muy bien y estoy muy contenta. Gracias.”

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Sr. Cupuchino, de Dallas, Texas, nos dice como Angel Reyes y el personal de el Bufete de Abogados de Reyes Browne Reilley le ayudó a él recuperarse de daños sufridos de un accidente automovilistico.

“Mi nombre es José Capuchino, yo contraté los servicios de aquí de los abogados Reyes, porque el 28 de marzo de este año tuve un accidente aquí en la Northwest y la Lombardi Lay. Una señora se pasó la luz en rojo, yo iba a dar vuelta y ella me golpeó en un costado y la camioneta fue pérdida total. Llamé a la aseguranza que tenía que pagarme todo, pero me hicieron batallar bastante del carro, también para ir al trabajo no tenía en qué, estaba lesionado entonces perdí días de trabajo. Y estaba comunicándome con la aseguranza de la persona que me golpeó, pero me decían que yo pagara todo y después ellos me reembolsaban ese dinero, pero pues yo no tenía dinero para pagar ni el transporte de las clínicas, ni la clínica, doctores, nada.

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Fall driving can be unpredictable because of weather changes, the end of daylight saving time and the start of school. These guidelines can help keep you, and others, safe while on the road.

Watch out for kids. Early in the school year, youngsters often haven’t developed the habit of looking for moving traffic before they cross the road leaving a school bus. It’s illegal to motor past a stopped bus in most places. And buses are beginning to use cameras to catch people who do drive by when the “Stop” arms are extended and the lights are flashing. Older kids driving to and from school are a danger, and in danger, too. “Teen crashes spike in November as students look forward to the holidays, and happen more often during hours when school begins and lets out,” the National Safety Council reports.

Beware of darkness. It comes earlier anyway as the year ages, and that’s accelerated when clocks most places in the U.S. shift back to standard time now, in early November. While just 25 percent of our driving is at night, 50 percent of traffic deaths occur then, according to the National Safety Council. Also, a 50-year-old driver might need twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year-old, NSC notes. And at 60 years and older, we generally see road signs less clearly, we have more trouble judging speed and distance, and glare begins to bother us more, according to the American Optometric Association.
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bigstock-180327130-1024x684There are a lot of things to dislike about daylight saving time: the disruption in our sleep schedule, the onslaught of seasonal puns in retail advertisements, the fact that it doesn’t work as well at saving energy as we’ve always been told, and thus, it really serves no purpose.

But have you ever thought about the possibility that daylight saving time might actually be dangerous? Turning the clocks back should technically amount to an extra hour of sleep, but this is not necessarily true. When the clocks change, whether it is falling back or springing forward, studies have found people’s sleep cycles are interrupted which actually causes them to sleep less. One hour of sleep lost or gained may sound like a small change, but studies have shown it can have major effects on both our physical and mental health. In turn, these negative health effects set off a chain reaction that affects other aspects of our life. According to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, people who sleep six to seven hours a night are twice as likely to be involved in a vehicle accident as those who sleep eight hours or more; people sleeping less than 5 hours increased their risk to be involved in a vehicle accident four to five times more.

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder studied the daylight saving time period (from March to November) for 10 years and discovered there was a 17 percent increase in traffic incident-related deaths the Monday after the spring time change. Traffic fatalities all that week were also higher than average. Some of the effects can be attributed to lower visibility (the fact that it’s earlier, and therefore darker, than drivers are accustomed to), but most of the accidents, experts say, are because people are struggling to stay awake behind the wheel.

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Summer A. of Dallas, Texas, shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience and level of satisfaction with our staff and customer service while helping her recover from damages stemming from a car wreck in Dallas.

“I was in a bus accident on a DART bus about a year ago, and I was thrown across the bus because a car cut us off. I was injured in my shoulder, a slight concussion. The first thing I did after I went to the hospital and got back is I called Reyes Browne and Reilley. I wanted to make sure that my medical expenses – because I knew there was a ambulance, and emergency room – would be taken care of. They right away got me into physical therapy, helped me go through all of that process, and now they have worked to reduce the medical expenses, and to my shock, actually get me compensation that I wasn’t even expecting. I just wanted my medical expenses paid, but I’m very happy they were able to also provide additional expenses for me.”

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bigstock-200291962-300x171Motorcycles and bicycles, when operated correctly, can be an absolutely safe, healthy, and fun form of transportation. However, in case of accident, they can leave the rider completely devastated with injuries, as they are far less protective than a vehicle with four wheels.

This is why it is so absolutely vital  to wear a helmet at all times. Even if you are one of the most careful riders on the road, you cannot ensure everyone else on the road is following these rules as adamantly as you are. Therefore, the risks of accident or injury are high.

In fact, being involved a bicycle or motorcycle accident without the protection of a helmet can not only result in devastating brain, facial, or head injuries, and these injuries can absolutely be fatal. Victims of head injuries who are lucky enough to survive are often left bereft of much of the quality of their life. Now more than ever, laws are governing for motorcyclists and bicyclists to wear a helmet the same way a driver is asked to wear a seatbelt – it is just as, if not more, important.

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