Uber Not Responsible for Autonomous Vehicle’s Killing

Auto Accidents

Uber's self driving car kills a pedestrian, why are they not on trial? - Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm

When Tesla came onto the scene with the first mass production of autonomous cars, the world was in awe. The vehicle’s design is incredibly complex and hoists features most humans never thought possible. However, despite the efforts to keep them as safe as possible with the added usage of sensor fusion, path planning, and ideological models of typical human behavior, accidents still happen.

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Halloween 2020: With COVID-19

In The News

Happy Halloween 2020! Safety Tips Around Halloween - Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm

Staying safe on halloween has always been a highly searched question across Google. With thousands of different blog sites and news reports discussing a vast range of different tips for safety in 2020, what exactly can you do to help your kids stay safe, but still have fun while experiencing the Halloween holiday?

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Despite Constant Push, Texas Does Not Ban Phone Use While Driving

Auto Accidents

Is Minnesota Hands-Free Driving Law Coming to Texas? - Reyeslaw.com

For the last decade, texting while driving has been an incredibly daunting issue in the state of Texas. Even after Texas lawmakers put a ban on electronic messaging while driving, Texans still drive and use their phones. We all see it happen every single day. It is a regular occurrence to see someone distracting themselves with a cell phone in the driver’s seat.

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Childhood Drowning Rates Refuse to Sink

Personal Injury

4 Pool Safety TIps for Homes with Pools

During the summer of Coronavirus, Texans have been spending more time at home rather than out and about. While many people believe their families are perfectly safe at home, away from auto accidents and other instances of danger, there is a hidden menace lurking in their own backyards: swimming pools. 

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How to Pick the Right Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Auto Accidents

In a Wreck? Call Your 5-Star Injury Lawyer - Angel Reyes

When a car wreck occurs, it doesn’t have to completely turn your life upside down. Now that you feel it’s turning that way, you’re turning to find the help you need. You know you’ll need a lawyer to help you fend off the third party insurance company from playing tricks on you. But which attorney should you get? You see plenty of them on television ads, billboards, and even sometimes in the newspaper. How do you know which lawyer you should pick to represent you and your case?

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Pedestrian Protestors Harmed By Violent Vehicles.

Drivers Running Over Protestors Potential for Personal Injury Claim - Reyes law blog

Can protestors file injury claims against the driver who hit them?

In wake of the George Floyd protests occurring all around the country, we find a new concern. During the protests that are occurring in busy cities are seeing an upward trend in hostility from those not involved in the protests. This hostility is being shown in the actions of drivers passing through the protestors in the streets at high rates of speed without stopping.

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