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Taylor G. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional accident lawyers while helping her recover damages stemming from a car crash.

“My name’s Taylor G and I got in an accident August, 2017. I was going down Lovers Lane and a car hit me head on. I went to work the next day and my friend was an associate of you guys and she referred me to them. So I called them and I let them know what happened. Immediately, literally like the next day, they got me into therapy and I was in therapy from August until early January. They were very professional. They took care of me. All the questions I had, they answered. So basically, they’re a really good law firm. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who gets in an accident. They’re very professional, friendly, amazing. Hopefully I don’t get in another accident, but if I do I’m definitely going to come back to them because they took care of me very well. Thank you guys so much.”

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Otro cliente contento nos cuenta como Abogado de Accidente Angel Reyes y el personal de el Bufete de Abogados de Reyes Browne Reilley le ayudó a él recuperarse de daños sufridos de un accidente de auto.

“Hola, mi nombre es Felix. Yo me accidente en el 2015, y me recuperé de mis leciones en la espalda. Nos fuimos a un juicio largo y gracias a los abogados el veredicto fue a nuestro favor. Estoy agradecido con ustedes!”

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When Should I File My Personal Injury Claim - RBR LawMore than 30 million people a year go to emergency rooms for unintentional injuries, according to the CDC. In many cases, these injuries are due to the negligence of someone else. If you have never filed a claim before, you probably have a lot of questions. Luckily, trustworthy personal injury lawyers are there to help you.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal Injury claims are lawsuits filed against either a person or an entity that has allegedly caused someone injury. These types of lawsuits are common in the United States, and cover a wide array of accidents. Some examples of personal injury lawsuits are: medical malpractice, accidents in the workplace, harm caused by defective products, and vehicle crashes.

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Robin N. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional accident lawyers while helping her recover damages stemming from a rear-end car crash.

“Hi y’all, my name is Robin Nolan. Last year, around about this time, I was at a red light, just got off of work and got hit from the back, rear-end. The guy that hit me, he fell asleep at the … Well, he didn’t stop, but he fell asleep at the red light. And I contact Reyes and they took good care of me, they sent me to a doctor. I got good treatment, and I recommended the Reyes for any kind of car accident, slip and fall, injury at work, they’ll take good care of you guys. Thank you.”

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Elementary Football League Bus Crash, 1 Child Dead and 45 InjuredBENTON, ARKANSAS — A charter bus carrying a youth football team crashed in the early hours of Monday morning. The team was from Tennessee, and had just played a championship game in Dallas this past weekend. On their homeward-bound commute at about 2:40 AM, the bus lost control and veered off of Interstate 30, where it rolled to a stop outside of Benton, Arkansas.

The tragic incident left one casualty and injured at least 45 others. The Saline County coroner identified the victim as 9-year-old Kameron Johnson. The majority of those injured were children, ages 8-10, accompanied by chaperones. The injured survivors were taken to hospitals in Little Rock and Benton, Arkansas.

The Tennessee charter bus company Scott Shuttle Service has had a clean record over the past two years with zero crashes. However, they received a penalty fine in July 2018 for a driver operating a truck without a proper license.

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Mike M. shares his Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional accident lawyers while helping him recover damages stemming from car crash.

“My name’s Mike, and I was in an accident. I got hit behind on a freeway. Reyes and Browne, they really helped me out. They sent me to treatment, got me a good settlement, and got me paid for a new car.”

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Rebecca M. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional personal injury lawyers while helping her recover damages stemming from car crash.

“My name is Rebecca. I was recently in an accident where I was stopped at a red light and I was rear-ended. At the time I had my three children with me and I was confused because I didn’t even know where to begin because I’ve never gotten in an accident. So I just called Reyes and Reyes and I spoke with Esmeralda and I just provided her with the information needed and after that, they just took over my case and they got me the medical attention I needed, the therapy that me and my children needed and they’re very attentive.

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Close Call - Deep Ellum Scooter Accident Victim Almost Forced to Amputate LegDEEP ELLUM— A simple Bird scooter ride almost cost one man without a leg. Arlington resident Alexander Forney, 21, was riding a Bird scooter in Deep Ellum this past August when he “tapped the brake a little too hard” which sent him sailing over the handlebars into the pavement.

A ride that should have only cost about one dollar turned into an almost 1 million dollar medical journey. Alexander’s face was covered in road rash, his tooth cracked, his tibia was broken in three places, and his knee was shattered into about 1,000 fragments. He describes it as “one of the most painful experiences of my whole life.” The damage was so extensive that doctors almost had to amputate his leg. Nine hours of surgery later,  Alexander now lives with over a dozen metal rods in his left leg, arthritis, and nerve damage. To make light of an otherwise very dark situation, he got a tattoo of a broken scooter on his leg.

Alexander was the only person involved in the incident, so there is no opposing party to pay for his damages. Luckily, his insurance covered most of the medical expenses, leaving him to pay $10,000 out of pocket. Bird & Lime scooters require users to sign their arbitration agreements (digitally, through the app) before riding. This agreement ensures the companies’ limited liability, so no, you cannot sue them for crashing the scooter yourself.

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Kylie C. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional personal injury lawyers while helping her recover damages stemming from a major T-bone car crash.

“Hi, my name’s Kylie, and I was in a car wreck. I was driving through a green light, and a girl turned left into me. It totaled my car. After the wreck I was just going on pure adrenaline, so I didn’t get checked out by the ambulance or anything, but for the next couple of days I was having migraines, and then I was vomiting, and my back was sore, and my wrists felt a little floppy and weak, and I couldn’t carry a tray at work. So I decided to get checked out.

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The Greatest Risk For Teenage Drivers? Lack of Experience
Adolescents are known to take chances, succumb to peer pressure, overestimate their abilities, and have emotional mood swings. Each of these behaviors can increase the likelihood for the teenage driver to be involved in an automobile crash. Investigations have shown that “the cause of teenage crashes is not the skill with which they can drive, but the judgment they exercise while driving,” according to an editorial in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Dr. Simons-Morton of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has concluded from research that “safe driving judgment, as with all complex activities, comes only with experience.”

Inexperienced drivers are left with a Catch-22: Lack of experience makes puts them at high risk of being involved in an accident, and the only way to improve as a driver is more experience. One of the safest methods to increase experience for new teen drivers is supervised driving sessions with their parents, before and after they have obtained their license. This provides a real-time, constructive environment in which to get hands-on experience, all while being monitored by their parents, legal guardian, or other knowledgable driver with years of experience under their belt. By continuing supervised driving practice sessions, this can help mitigate risks for your children and loved ones.

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