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What If I Was Partially at Fault for My Truck Accident?
What if my driver’s license or vehicle registration was expired when the car wreck occurred?
What if the driver who caused my truck wreck had a past history of drug or alcohol violations?
What if the driver who caused my truck wreck had a past history of drug or alcohol violations?
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What Is a Black Box and How Can it Help My Truck Accident Case?
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‘Fifth Gear’ Puts Ford Focus to The Test
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“Car Was Totaled. Was Life-Flighted From the Scene. Couldn’t Feel From the Waist Down.”
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“I Didn’t Have Any Idea of What to do With My Accident”
“I Didn’t Think There Were Any Issues. And Then the Underlying Medical Issues Did Arise.”
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“I Got Hit From the Back and it Took a Long Time for Me to Catch up With the Person that Hit Me.”
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“I Was Having Some Difficulty Finding a Law Firm to Help Me Get This Case Settled”
“I Was Hit by an 18-Wheeler. I Woke Up and My Back Was Really Bothering Me, I Could Hardly Get Out of Bed.”
“I was hit from behind on my way to work early in the morning.”
“I was in a Bus Accident on a DART Bus About a Year Ago”
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“I Was Rear-Ended From Behind, and at That Time I had no Idea who to call, how to get Started with Anything of the Process of how to go Through. Do I Sue? What do I do?”
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“I Was T-Boned by an SUV That Flipped Over”
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“Recomendándoles Más Personas Que Tengan Problemas de Este Tipo”
“Reyes Helped Me. Immediately, I Got Fast Results.”
“The Accident I Had – A Church Bus Had Hit Us”
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“The Other Lady was Trying to Make the Yellow Light Hit Us.”
“The person Behind Me Was Distracted and Just Rammed Into Me”
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Halloween Street Smarts
Hands-Free Driving Laws Sweeping the Nation
Happy Memorial Day!
Helicopter Crash at Backwoods Music Festival
High-Speed Chase with Children in Truck
Holding Schools Accountable for Student Accidents
Hospitals Focus On Doing No Harm
Houston Officer “Relieved from Duty” after Fatal Car Wreck
Houston Teen Runs Over Multiple Cyclists with Truck
How Immigration Law Changes Impact Native-Born Workers
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How long does it take to settle an auto accident case?
How long will it take to get money after my auto accident?
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How Soon Should You See a Doctor After a Car Accident?
How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer
How to Keep Your Kids Safe Halloween 2019
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How to Pick the Right Car Accident Injury Lawyer
How to Share the Road with Motorcycles
How To Win Your Personal Injury Case In 5 Steps
How Your Medical History Factors into Your Personal Injury Claim
Human Chain Formed to Rescue People from Dangling Bus
Human Trafficking in Texas
Hundreds of Endo Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Being Settled
I Was Hit By Someone Texting and Driving
Icy Accidents in North Texas
Icy Conditions In Dallas-Fort Worth Wreak Havoc on Northern Texas Interstate Roadways
If I get injured in a car wreck, but do not have insurance, what are my rights?
Illegal to Send a Text Someone You Know Is Driving?
Illinois Lawsuit Over Medtronic’s Infuse Will Proceed
Increased On-the-Job Fatalities for Latinos
Increasing Popularity of E-Scooters Leads to More Accidents
Infant Falls out of Moving Vehicle
Injured Employee Sues Aveanna Healthcare For Ignoring Their Cries For Help
Injuries Caused by Contracted Amazon Drivers Rising
Insurance Companies Love Letter Writers and Settlement Mill Law Firms
Insuring a Hurricane: Florida Residents Struggling Financially With Hurricane Repairs
Intoxicated Driver Leaves Four Injured, Killing One
Intuitive Surgical Value Declines After da Vinci FDA Warning Letter
Irving Texas Bus Crash Update
Is Arbitration a Legitimate Threat to Our Justice System?
Is it a Crash or is it an Accident?
Joe G – Injury Lawyer in Dallas Review
Joe Jonas Sued for Car Accident Involving His Car and His Assistant
Johnson & Johnson Considering $3 Billion Settlement of Hip Implant Cases
Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits Over Transvaginal Mesh Implants
Johnson and Johnson Ordered To Pay Damages In Mesh Case
Johnson and Johnson Targeting Small Children with Risperdal?
Jury Awards $285,000 in Bellwether Fosamax Lawsuit
Jury Awards $72 million in Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder Verdict
Jury Awards Over $12 Million in Johnson & Johnson Mesh Trial
Jury Indicts Aghorn Operating Inc. & Aghorn Executive
K2 Overdoses Spike in Dallas Area
Kat Von D’s Tattoo Parlor Avoids Another Car Accident
Keep Your Kids Safe this Year With Our Back to School Tips
Keeping Furry Friends Safe
Kids 12 Times More Distractive While Driving
Know The Facts About Texas House Bill 1774
Know Your Post-Accident Checklist
La NHSTA Ordena a que los Vehículos Futuros sean Fabricados con Cámaras de Respaldo
Latest Technology to Totally Disable Texting While Driving
Leading Cause of Deaths in Dallas: Car Wrecks
Lewisville Accident Serves As Tragic Motorcycle Helmet Reminder
Los Ventiladores Trilogy de Philips Respironics Etiquetados como de Alto Riesgo por la FDA
Losing Battle Against Distracted Driving Forces Creative Solutions by Police
Louisiana Woman Killed in Wreck Involving 18-Wheeler Along IH-10 in Beaumont
Low Testosterone Might Not Be So Bad After All
Low Testosterone Therapy – First The FDA, Now An MDL?
Low-T Drugs May Be Doing More Harm Than Good
Lower Drunk Driving Threshold To .05 Blood Alcohol Level?
Lyft’s Rider Safety Under Scrutiny: Sexual Assault Becoming Big Issue for Ridesharing Service
Man Dies in Fiery Wrong-Way Crash
Manufactured Mesh Complications or Manufacturer Mesh Liability?
Mastering the Art of Driving on Icy Roads
McDonald’s Customer Killed in Accident at Drive-Thru
Medics from Fort Worth Pileup Reflect One Year Later
Merck: Another Big Win For Big Pharma
Mesh Manufacturers in Settlement Talks with Plaintiff Attorneys
Monster Overdose: Are Energy Drinks Killing Teens?
More Takata Air Bags Being Recalled
Most Consumers Say They’ll Snub Self-Driving Cars, Survey Says
Motorcycle Accident-Related Deaths on the Rise in California
Motorcycle Accidents in Texas
Motorcycle Passengers
Motorcycles Are Dangerously Fun
Motorist Hits Median & Barrier Before Falling 60 Feet into Embankment
Multiple Car Collision Involving Dump Truck
Multiple Semi-Truck Collision in Martin County
My Uber Driver Got us in an Accident: Who is Liable?
Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Vehicles Have Open Safety Recalls
Nearly 25% Of Fatal Crashes Involve A Drowsy Driver
Nerve Damage After a Car Crash
Nevada Considering ‘Textalyzer’ Cellphone Scan Technology For Police Use
New Analysis Says Antidepressant Paxil Is Unsafe for Teenagers
New App Combats Texting and Driving Among Young Drivers
New I-35 Lane and Ramp Opens in Downtown Dallas
New Jersey Man ‘Fakes Slip and Fall, Files Fraudulent Insurance Claim
New Orleans Jurors Nowhere to be Found
New Study – Phones May Be The Single Most Important Factor In Causing Car Crashes
New Texas Pedestrian Safety Law Goes Into Effect
New York Limo Crash: Owner’s Son Arrested for Criminally Negligent Homicide
NHSTA Orders Future Vehicles Be Manufactured With Back-up Cameras
No Fault Auto Insurance Devastating Lives of Michiganders
No Science Behind Low T Therapy?
Obama Administration Sets Goal of Zero Road Deaths in 30 Years
Obama’s Immigration Offer
Off-Duty Euless Detective Killed by Drunk Driver
Offshore Workers Death Rate 7x Higher
Older Driver Safety Awareness Week
One Woman’s Surgical Mesh Horror Story
Our Best Tips in Keeping Kids Safe During Back to School Time 2019
Out of Control Car Causes Eight Vehicle Collision
Parents Miss Warning On Toddlers’ Cold Medicine
Parking Lot Safety
Pedestrian Protestors Harmed By Violent Vehicles.
Personal Injury on Airplanes is a Thing, and You Need to Know Your Rights
Philips Respironics’ Trilogy Ventilators Labeled FDA’s Highest-Risk
Pick-Up Truck Crashes into Patrol Car
Polaris Up in Flames
Possible Gas Leak Suspected In New York Explosion
Powerful Trucking Lobby Impedes Truck Safety Reforms
Prepare for North Texas’ Hail Storm with These Safety Tips
Prescription Narcotics Causing More Harm Than Good?
Prestige Limo Employee Faces 40 Criminal Counts After Tragic Crash Kills 20
Proposed Safety Rule for Child Car Seats and Weight
Raiders Release Ruggs After Fatal DUI
Recalled Kidney Dialysis Products Cause Heart Injuries
Recent Vets Have 75% Higher Vehicular Mortality Rates
Record Breaking — Highest Pedestrian Death Count in Almost 30 Years
Reduce the Odds of Being Ticketed
Rendering Aid After A Car Wreck: Should You Be A George Zimmerman?
Reported 5 Dead with 60 Injured in Pennsylvania Multi-Vehicle Crash
Reyes Browne Reilley and COVID-19
Reyes Browne Reilley Announces Partnership With MADD
Reyes Browne Reilley Client Awarded $4.7M by Dallas County Jury
Reyes Browne Reilley Trial Lawyer Spencer Browne Wins Big for Client in First Trial Since COVID Shutdown
Reyes Browne Reilley’s Rolando De La Garza Awarded $181k for Client in Jury Verdict
Ride-Sharing Sexual Assault Occurring in High Numbers
Rideshare Vehicle Collision Leaves One Dead
Rising Car Crash Deaths Puts Spotlight on Seatbelt Use
Road Fatalities Rising at Alarming Rate
Robotic Surgery by da Vinci – Masterpiece or Major Mistake?
Rollover Crash Leaves Three Seriously Injured
Round-Up® Costing Bayer Billions
Roundup™ Lawsuit Verdict Costs Bayer $2 Billion
Safety Around Bicyclists
Safety For Workers, And Its Real Cost
Safety Tips for Summer Driving
San Francisco Bans Immigrant Holds
Seating Mattered In Asiana 214 SFO Plane Crash
Second Trial Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer C.R. Bard Begins Today
Security Tips To Guarantee Your Safety While Driving
Semi-Truck Crash in Cleburne Leaves One Dead, One Critically Injured
Semitrailer Drives off Dallas Overpass
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Seven Taken to Hospital after Malfunction at Six Flags in Arlington
Sharing the Road with National Bike Month
Shocking VW Texting & Driving PSA
Should I allow the car insurance company to view my medical records?
Should I be concerned if I am running up a lot of medical bills after my accident?
Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?
Should I Go to the Doctor After My Car Accident?
Should I negotiate with the insurance adjuster myself?
Should Undocumented Immigrants be Issued Driver’s Licenses?
Six People Injured in Unrelated Wrecks After Stopping to Help Drivers
Slip and Fall Facts
Slow Driving at Fault
Small Cars See Big Trouble in Crash Tests
Smarter People Have Fewer Motor Vehicle Accidents?
Southern Baptist Convention Sexual Assault Lawsuit
Spanish Speakers Are Fastest Growing Demographic In USA
Speed Kills
Spencer Browne Makes List of Top 50 Jury Verdicts in Texas in 2019
Spring Break 2018: Death Toll Spike Will Make You Want to Stay at Home
Spring Safety Tips for the Road
St. Paddy’s Day & Drinking
Stakes Are High In Fresnius Medical Care Suit
Stay Safe This Holiday Season; Do Not Drink and Drive
Staying Safe on the Last Holiday Season of the Decade
Staying Safe On Valentine’s Day
Summer Time Driving Safety
Super Lawyers® 2021 Selects Four Attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley
Supreme Court Rules Against Generic Drug Lawsuits
Surfer Dies From “Brain Eating Amoeba” after Visit to Waco Wave Pool
Surgical Navigation Application Defect Highlights Software Recalls
Swimming Pool Summer Time Safety Tips
Takata Airbag Recall – Everything you need to know
Takata Airbags Center of Auto Industry’s Biggest Recall
Takata Finally Recalls Faulty Airbags
Tech Startup Focuses on Insurance for Self-Driving Trucks
Teen Victims of Distracted Driving
Tesla: More Safety Issues on the Horizon
Tesla’s Camera Throws Louisiana Man Under the Bus
Testing Finds Asbestos in Crayons
Texans Need These 3 Types of Car Insurance
Texas Deterrent Aids in Texting & Driving Addiction
Texas Highest In Nation In Workplace Deaths
Texas Highway Guardrails Found Unsafe According to Study by The Safety Institute
Texas Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Rising
Texas Senate Votes to Do Away with Vehicle Inspections
Texas Talk Text Crash campaign
Texting & Driving by the Numbers
Texting and Driving Now Against the Law in Farmers Branch
Texting and Driving Now Worse Than Drinking and Driving
Texting And Driving: A Deadly Combination
Texting and Walking Dangers: Pedestrian Death Toll Rising
Texting While Driving Is Deadly
Texting, Driving & Teens – Oh My!
The Beginning of the End…of Texting While Driving.
The Big Bang Theory Actress Blogs First & Files Lawsuit MUCH Later?
The Bigger The Truck, The Worse The Wreck
The Car Accident Was the Other Driver’s Fault. Can I Just Settle it Myself Without an Attorney?
The Controversial Case of Jussie Smollett
The Dangers of Distracted Driving
The Dark Side of Generic Drugs
The Fyre Festival Fiasco
The Fyre Festival Fiasco Continues – Kendall Jenner and Modeling Agencies Face Subpoenas
The Greatest Risk For Teenage Drivers? Lack of Experience
The Hidden Dangers Of Generic Prescription Drugs
The Importance of Hiring a Motorcycle Lawyer After an Accident
The Internet is Written in Ink
The Many Dangers of Off-Label Prescription Drugs
The Most Deadly Driving States
The NHTSA Projects A 13% Increase on Large Truck Crashes for 2021.
The University of the Southwest Golf Team Killed in Head-on Collision
The Very Real Dangers of Texting and Driving
Third Bard Avaulata Bellwether Set for Trial, With More Cases On The Way
Three Killed By Drunk Driver on I-20 in Arlington
Three Killed in Hit-And-Run Crash While Changing Tire on 635
Today is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day!
Toddler Injured in Fall from Balcony at American Airlines Center
Top 11 Findings in EverQuote Distracted Driving Report
Top Car Wreck Causes In USA
Top Tips Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know
Tornado Safety Tips
Tough Times: Insurers in Trouble from Pressuring Politicians
Tow Truck Driver Charged in Crash that Killed Infant
Traffic Deaths on the Decline…Even in Texas
Traffic Fatalities Increase 9 Percent in First Half of 2016
Traffic Fatalities Were Up 8% in First Half of 2015
Traffic Fatality Rates Rise in the Fall
Tragic Limo Crash Claims 20 Lives
Train Collides Into Charter Bus in Biloxi, Leaving at Least 4 dead and Many Injured
Transvaginal Mesh and the Wall Street Journal
Trucking Company Involved in Deadly New Mexico Collision Has History of Crashes
TRUVADA® Lawsuit
Turn Around, Don’t Drown
Two Young Sisters Killed by Texting and Driving
TxDOT Data Shows 2021 as the Second Deadliest Year for Texas Roadways
TxDOT Launches Talk Text Crash Campaign
U.S. Traffic Deaths Exceed 40,000 for the Third Year in a Row
Uber Not Responsible for Autonomous Vehicle’s Killing
UPDATE: Know Your Coverage Before Sept. 1
UPDATE: Potential Risks with Liquid-filled Intragastric Balloons – FDA Letter to Health Care Providers
Utah Lowers Legal BAC to 0.05% to Reduce DUIs
Vaping in Dallas County: Multiple Cases of Severe Pulmonary Disease
Vascular Solutions Recalls Some Langston V2 Dual Lumen Catheters Due to Defect
Warning Signs Older Driver Adjustments Need to be Made
Was Ship in Oil Spill Speeding at Time of Accident?
Washington Drivers Banned from Hand-Held Devices
Waste Workers Risk Their Lives to Haul Our Garbage
We Stand United in Supporting the Families of Uvalde
We’ve Moved!
West Texas Community Grieves Over Tragic Cheerleader Bus Crash
What Are My Legal Rights Following A Car Wreck?
What are UM, UIM, and PIP insurance coverage?
What can I recover for injuries resulting from a hit-and-run accident?
What constitutes pain and suffering in a Texas auto accident case?
What documents or evidence should I bring when I meet with my law firm?
What Happens if I Get in a Wreck in a Different State?
What happens if the at-fault driver is not insured or has minimum coverage?
What if I did not leave the scene of my car accident in an ambulance?
What if my driver’s license or vehicle registration was expired when the car wreck occurred?
What if the driver who caused my truck wreck had a past history of drug or alcohol violations?
What if the driver who hit me was under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
What is Driver Negligence?
What is the statute of limitations to bring a Texas auto accident case?
What is the Statute of Limitations to Bring a Texas Auto Accident Case?
What Should I Look For When Hiring an Attorney?
What to do if You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver
What To Do In The Moments After A Vehicle Accident
What To Do When You’re Caught Speeding
What Type of Child Car Safety Seat Should You Be Using?
What’s the First Thing to Do After My Car Wreck?
When Should I File My Personal Injury Claim?
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When Uber Wrecks: Liability In An Evolving Transportation World
Which Seat is the Safest for Passengers?
While Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Make Sure Not to Slip and Fall
Who is Held Liable After A Rental Scooter Wreck?
Who Is Liable – Scooter Companies or Rental Riders?
Who Pays for My Injuries After My Car Accident?
Who Will Pay My Rental Car After My Car Accident?
Who’s Liable When Teen Drivers Have Car Wrecks?
Why Don’t We Care About Automobile Fatalities?
Why You Need UM/UIM & PIP Insurance Coverage
Will I Have to Go to Court for My Auto Accident Case?
Will The Driver That Hit Me Being Convicted For a DUI Help My Case?
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter Weather on the Roadways
Wise County Judge, Three Others Killed in Crash
Woman Demands $1 Million Compensation for Backseat Rendezvous
Woman Dies on Texas Giant Roller Coaster at Six Flags
Woman Fatally Struck Crossing Oak Lawn Avenue
Woman Walking her Dog Killed by Street Racers
Workplace Accidents Kill More Than Terrorist Attacks
Wrong Way Accident Involves Multiple Cars
Wrong-Way SUV Motorist Strikes 18-Wheeler on I-10
Xarelto® Litigation Update – Johnson & Johnson and Bayer Settle for $775 Million
Yaz Prescriptions – A Matter of Trust?
Yet Another Deadly Charter Bus Wreck
Zantac Pulled From Store Shelves
Zolpidem (Ambien) ER Visits On The Rise