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Normally when we think of a car accident, we think of a collision between two or more vehicles on the road. Someone simply doesn’t pay attention while driving and causes a violent and traumatic car accident, ending in serious damages and/or personal injury. While these types of accidents are the most common that we hear about, there are other types of vehicle accidents that sometimes do not even involve another vehicle. Although not as common, these types of accidents can still be very dangerous and can still cause a lot of harm to those involved.

Road Hazards Defined

A road hazard is considered to be anything that is encountered while driving a vehicle on the road. Whether it be accumulated water or ice due to improper maintenance of roadways and bridges, or debris left on the road due to improperly strapped cargo, road hazard accidents in Dallas can still cause major accidents and can leave innocent parties unjustly blamed for something that was out of their control. Common road hazards that may be the cause of accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Potholes
  • Traffic accidents
  • Natural debris (trees, rocks, etc.)
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Construction debris (wood, nails, gravel, etc.)
  • Fallen cargo from other vehicles
  • Live or deceased animals
  • Natural weather

If any of these hazards were a part of your vehicular accident, you may be entitled to compensation if you were to sustain an injury due to the hazardous roadway. Simply striking a hazard may not always be the only way to get compensation either, swerving out of your lane and causing a vehicle accident can also entitle you to partial compensation. Proving your innocence in a situation like this can be extremely difficult without the proper legal experience, so if you or a loved one are facing a situation like this, make sure to have a Dallas road hazard lawyer by your side.

In accidents involving road hazards, fault can be placed on a variety of parties depending on the situation. Anyone from working construction workers, landscapers, federal municipalities, state municipalities, or local municipalities can all be potential parties of liability and can be the reason for causing an accident, entitling you to some sort of compensation. Unfortunately, proving your innocence to your insurance company is a lot harder than it sounds without the proper knowledge.

After being involved in a road debris accident, you may have sustained a serious injury that comes with an expensive bill. Even if you think an injury night be minor, accidents like these can often cause you to sustain future trauma. Never trust your insurance to give you your full compensation for the accident. That’s why most insurance companies will consider any type of object on the road as “avoidable accidents”. Your insurance will always underpay you what you deserve in order to make more money off of you, so when it comes to dealing with your insurance, always make sure that you have a trusted Dallas road debris accident attorney help you fight for your full compensation.

Get Yourself the Best Lawyers Possible

Car accidents occur all of the time in Dallas, and it can be very infuriating when crashes occur because of someone else’s negligence, but sometimes, car accidents are simply just that, accidents. Whether a crash is caused by another driver or simply just a pothole on the road, personal injury is nothing to tread lightly around. We often don’t realize how life-changing a minor injury can be until it finally happens to you. Why risk not getting your rightful financial compensation for an injury that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let road hazard accidents cause you to pay out of your own pocket to deal with those kinds of damages.

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