If you have been involved in a truck accident in Keller, Texas, seeking reliable and effective legal representation should be your first step. When the dust has settled and the initial shock of your accident has started to subside, it’s time to spring into action and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Between physical injuries, emotional distress, vehicular damage, and everything else that comes with being involved in an auto accident, it’s important to hit the ground running. This is where Angel Reyes & Associates comes in—your trusted and top truck accident attorney in Keller. 

Why You Need to Hire a Keller Truck Accident Attorney

Regardless of how minor or severe your accident was, engaging a truck accident lawyer immediately should be your top priority. They are trained to know exactly what to do to protect your interests. The sooner you get a truck accident attorney on board, the best chance you have of receiving maximum compensation. Put simply, a lawyer has the best knowledge of what to do pertaining to your specific circumstances.

At Angel Reyes & Associates, our experienced team of truck accident attorneys knows what insurance companies are required to provide, as well as what victims of truck accidents and their families are legally entitled to for damages. These can include their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and sometimes, even death. It is in the offending party’s insurance provider’s best interests to minimize any potential financial compensation paid to the victim. This is why you need to hire a Keller truck accident attorney from our firm—because we know what you’re worth and we’re ready to fight for it. 

How We Approach Truck Accident Cases 

When you hire a Keller truck accident lawyer with Angel Reyes & Associates, we approach each case in the same manner–using methodical, best-practice procedures to secure the best outcomes for our clients. This includes a full and thorough investigation, as well as development of evidence necessary to prove all liability and damages. Each investigation is carried out by a team with the most current, encyclopedic knowledge of Texas road laws, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice. 

In the case of injury or death, our compassionate personal injury lawyers and wrongful death lawyers will create a meticulous strategy to ensure that the victim and their family receive the maximum entitled compensation. We work closely with our clients from day one to ascertain the most important information that is relevant to their case, harnessing the power of truth to bring justice for victims.

Why Choose Angel Reyes & Associates as Your Truck Accident Attorney?

When it comes to your health and your finances, you need to trust the best in the business to take care of them. The team at Angel Reyes & Associates has been fighting for Texans for more than 30 years, always going above and beyond to achieve the best results possible under the often harsh and confusing circumstances of the law. Our team has used tenacity, intelligence, skills, and determination to accrue almost $1 billion in settlements over the years, lending to our whopping 98% success rate. 

You want your Keller truck accident lawyer to have the skills and intelligence to argue your case, even if it’s a tough one. This is why we make a point of being the most thorough and prepared amongst our competition. Our team has lawyers who specialize not only in truck accident litigation, but also in the very specific ins and outs of Texan road laws. When you add the fact that our firm also has some of the most talented personal injury lawyers in the state, you can move forward with a case knowing that you are being taken care of by true experts.

FAQs for Keller Truck Accidents:

Who can be held responsible for Keller truck accidents?

After a truck accident in Keller, fault can be determined either formally by means of a judge or jury, or informally by someone like an insurance adjuster. Either way, a decision is made by analyzing evidence like  police reports, witness statements, and sometimes even expert reports. This is why gathering your own evidence immediately after the accident is so important. 

How can I maximize my compensation after a truck accident in Keller, Texas?

There are several things you can do to maximize your compensation. Be sure to gather evidence such as pictures and video from the scene of your accident (if it is safe to do so). In the case of injury, select medical professionals who are willing to diagnose and treat you accurately and fairly. Lastly, choose experts in the Texas legal system like Angel Reyes & Associates who know how to fight for what you are entitled to. 

How to search for top trucking accident lawyers in Keller, Texas?

Positive client reviews and free consultations are two key elements to choosing the best Keller truck accident lawyer for your situation. Angel Reyes & Associates has an impeccable Google star rating (more on that below), and we also offer free consultations and advice, so you can gain confidence that we are the right lawyers for your case before you proceed with legal action.

Testimonials From Real Clients

We can tell you that we have the best Keller truck accident attorneys, but these words don’t mean anything without us being able to back it up—and back it up we can! Angel Reyes & Associates has a 4.8-star rating on Google, based on more than 1,700 reviews from real clients who saw real results. Here are just a few of our authentic client testimonials regarding truck accidents cases in Texas:

“I contacted this law firm after being hit by an 18-wheeler. They did everything from finding me a doctor to keeping me updated with the status of my case.” 

– Hope Green

“I got into an accident with an 18-wheeler when I was in the back seat of an Uber. I called them and they were helpful through the whole process. I ended up getting more money than I needed!” 

– Ethan Sieber

“I was hit by an 18-wheeler on August 31, 2016. The next day I could hardly walk and Googled accident attorneys. Reyes Law Firm was at the top of the list and they didn’t let me down. They made everything extremely easy for me. They set me up with a chiropractor and other medical expenses with nothing out of pocket for me. Six months later I feel great and have a nice check in my pocket.” 

– Donnie Colvin